Unique Ideas for Your Intimate Wedding or Elopement

It's Your BIG DAY! Make Your Wedding or Elopement More Memorable with These Ideas!
family photo outside of the venue after elopement

Every bride and groom want their wedding and reception to not only be perfect, but to also be unique. They want to add their own little spin on their special day to really bring out their own interests and make it a celebration their guests will never forget. How can you make your intimate wedding or elopement even more special? Read on for more information on how to really add a special flair to your small wedding that will create memories for you and your guests that will last forever.

One way to really impress your guests is making special wedding favors. Whether they are personalized wedding flutes or sweet personal notes with a small gift, having special wedding favors like these are unique and can serve also as a keepsake for your guests so they can remember your special day forever. More examples are mini bottles of bubbly or even just a handwritten thank you note. The impact your thoughtfulness has on your guests can be overwhelming in the best way! Adding your own personal touch to your wedding favors is a sure way to be unique and make your perfect day even more special. This idea is especially great for elopements where your guest list is much smaller than your average wedding.

Another way to make your wedding one of a kind is to serve pre ceremony cocktails! Usually, guests are not served food or beverages until after the ceremony is completed. Serving cocktails, or even nonalcoholic beverages before your ceremony lets your wedding guests feel well taken care of. If you are afraid of serving alcohol before the ceremony or do not plan to serve alcohol at your wedding, stick to lemon water or tea. Keep your guests upbeat and ready to celebrate the best day of your life!

When guests arrive, they will be looking for your guestbook to sign. What if you had a nontraditional guestbook? Things like puzzle pieces that make a meaningful picture when put together or a canvas where they can put their thumb print with ink. These ideas work best for smaller weddings because it’s easier to have cute and fun ideas like these with a smaller guest list. Also, with a nontraditional guest book, you can keep it as a keepsake and even frame it to have forever. Alternative guest books are unique and one of a kind. Your guest book will always be a fond memory for your guests to revisit when thinking of your perfect day.

Another idea for your smaller wedding that is unique is how you and your significant other decide to leave the ceremony. Whether you have everyone hold sparklers, lighted lanterns, or even sticks with bells to ring. This idea is not only unique but also makes great pictures as keepsakes! Other ideas for your own little parade is colored confetti, flowers to match your wedding, or even paper airplanes. Add your own flair of personal touch to your exit with whatever you feel will really grab everyone’s attention. Your wedding should be a day no one will forget, so making the perfect exit should be expected!

Another fun activity to add to your wedding day is a photo booth. Whether it be homemade or a professional one, photo booths are super fun and help make keepsakes for guests. They can take group photos and keep the picture to remember all the fun they had at your reception. With a smaller wedding, group photos are much easier to achieve because you do not have a large numberbride and groom on golf cart of guests to squeeze into the photo. With photo booths you can leave out little props and cutouts so your guests can make the most out of their photos.

With an intimate wedding or elopement, you are able to make more from less. You have the ability to create fun and unique ways for your guests to remember your wedding day forever. At The Louisiana Cajun Mansion Event Venue, we offer excellent elopement and intimate wedding services and packages. We believe your special day should be the best day of your life, no matter how intimate. Visit https://www.cajunmansion.com to view our elopement and wedding options and book your perfect day!

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