Meet Your "STRESS FREE" Event Team

Professional Wedding Planning through a "Unified Team Rhythm"

Welcome to the Cajun Mansion Event Venue where, every couple who chooses our non-traditional venue for their wedding is graced with the complimentary services of our ‘STRESS FREE’ team, expertly created and led by Sandra Booher.

This expert team operates with a unified team rhythm, ensuring every moment of your special day is crafted into an unforgettable experience. Their harmonious coordination and dedicated focus are integral to creating a seamless and memorable event, all included as part of your experience at our venue.”

At the forefront is our meticulous Wedding Planner, Alayna Poirier, whose expertise sets the stage for every unique celebration. Supporting her vision is our dynamic event Sales Consultant and Day of Coordinator, Susan Nini, ensuring every detail aligns perfectly. Integral to our team are our Night of Captains, Kaci and Lori, who lead a skilled team of event workers, all dedicated to seamless event execution.

Adding to this harmonious blend is our Night of Concierge, Rachel, who plays a crucial role in enhancing the Wedding Couple experience. Our team works in a UNIFIED TEAM RHYTHM to ensure your special day at the Cajun Mansion Event Venue is both stress-free and extraordinary. 

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This was the best experience ever! Cajun mansion planned everything to perfection and took care of even minor details we would have overlooked. My partner and I felt welcomed listened to and taken care of each step of the way best wedding experience ever even our guests enjoyed everything!

Event Coordinator and wedding planner, Sandra Booher

Sandra Booher

Master Wedding Planner - Owner

Sandra is a natural business leader and mentor. Processes and event organization drive her. Her trademark weddings and soirees have garnered hundreds of 5-star reviews for keeping everything flowing and stressless for all involved.

Sandra capped off a successful career in corporate America as comptroller for major companies and law firms, then settled into her current role as founder, hotelier & event planner of the now world-famous Louisiana Cajun Mansion Bed & Breakfast near Lafayette, Louisiana, known for Romantic Getaways.

Transitioning to the world of weddings and events was a natural step for Sandra. Today, she is renowned for orchestrating “Stress-Free Weddings” and has established a formidable team of seasoned wedding professionals. Each team member plays a vital role in ensuring that every special day is executed flawlessly, a testament to Sandra’s vision and leadership in creating exceptional wedding experiences.

susan nini

Susan Nini

Wedding Coordinator

Susan joined the Cajun Mansion family in the Spring of 2023. She brings over 20 years of event planning, marketing, and management experience to our team.

Her passion for the organization of spaces is also a huge asset. The staff often says she is “not afraid to get dirty.” You can find her refreshing the landscaping or meeting with potential couples on any given day. She has worked in several venues in the Lafayette area and brings a wealth of knowledge from sales to event logistics.

She is responsible for all event sales and admin work, including creating diagrams, rental orders, upselling, maintaining a master calendar, maintaining wedding/event lodging blocks, and reporting.

Susan says, “I love that I get to be a part of someone’s special day. I strive to make it as easy as possible and am always willing to go the extra mile.”

Katherine Cobb

General Manager & Sales

When we think of someone who always sees the big picture, we think of Katherine Cobb.

With her hospitality, operations, and Logistics gifts, Katherine has enjoyed a dynamic career supporting Entrepreneurs and Executives in various industries.

Seated at the table with experience, leadership, wisdom, patience, and conflict resolution skills, Katherine thrives on constructing and maintaining a culture that allows others to think differently and create brighter.

She supervises all operations of the Bed and Breakfast and the Event Venue.   She is also responsible for supervising all staff members in both businesses.

With a business head and a heart to serve, Katherine shares the knowledge and diversity of extensive experience in both Professional and Home Environments.

Theres no words to explain just how truly Awesome, Understanding, Patient, Kind, Concerned, Attentive, Professional, Loving and a Pleasure to work with. All the staff from beginning to end…All the vendors have worked with them and it made me so Stress Free that everything could be taken care of all in one place. No running around for Pastors, DJ, Caterer, even the honeymoon night was included. Plus the staff worked with me on my budget and what I could spend.

Lori Davis Captain at the cajun mansion

Lori Davis

Wedding & Event Captain

Lori Davis, with her 39-year tenure in the title business, is the cornerstone of the Louisiana Cajun Mansion’s event team. As the Event Captain, she holds the most pivotal role, leading the execution of meticulously planned wedding details. Lori’s extensive professional experience & working every event staff position,  has perfectly poised her for this role, where precision and attention to detail are paramount.

Her passion for helping others, coupled with her love for the beach and family, translates into her commitment to creating stress-free, memorable events.

As a leader, Lori ensures that her team delivers first-class service, turning each couple’s vision into reality. Her approach reflects her deep understanding of the importance of life’s special moments, making Lori an invaluable member at the Cajun Mansion.

Kaci Potier Captain at Cajun Mansion

Kaci Potier

Wedding & Event Captain

Kaci plays a crucial role in the success of every event. Having worked in every position for events at the venue, Kaci leads her team with a blend of professionalism, meticulous attention to detail, a positive attitude, and a strong work ethic.

Her passion for decorating, crafts, and photography, combined with her enjoyment of spending quality time with friends and family, reflects her love for creating joyful experiences.

Beyond her role at the Mansion, Kaci is a dedicated LPN with 13 years of experience and a proud single mother of two sons. Her genuine desire to make people happy is evident in every aspect of her professional and personal life, making her an invaluable member of the Cajun Mansion team.

Rachael Martin Concierge at the Cajun Mansion

Rachel Martin

Night of Concierge

As the Night of Concierge, Rachael plays a pivotal role in ensuring each wedding unfolds flawlessly. Known for her enthusiasm, willingness to assist, and her genuinely positive attitude, she is a key asset to the team. Her experience ranges from setup and tear down to busing and waitstaff duties, providing her with a comprehensive understanding of event dynamics.

In her role as Concierge, Rachael’s focus is on providing personalized attention to the wedding couple, ensuring their needs are met with the utmost care.

Rachael is a professional at Cumulus Media Radio and a devoted mother to four boys. Her passion for family life shines through in her dedication to creating memorable experiences for couples on their special day.

meet the stress free team at the cajun mansion

Unified Team Rhythm

Expert Team

Our strength lies in our collective commitment to a shared goal: to make every wedding an unforgettable, joyful, and stress-free celebration.

Like a well-rehearsed ensemble, each team member understands their role and executes it with precision and passion. Whether it’s setting the perfect ambiance, ensuring each aspect of the event flows smoothly, or attending to the couple’s every need, our team moves in a synchronized cadence.

This harmonized approach ensures that every couple who chooses the Cajun Mansion for their special day feels the magic of a perfectly orchestrated event. With the ‘Unified Team Rhythm’, we not only meet expectations but consistently strive to exceed them, making every wedding an exquisite symphony of memories.

It won’t matter if you’re a hands-off bride or a hands-on bride (like me), you won’t regret booking through this venue….Alayna was the wedding planner who was the most involved with our day... She was more than willing to be flexible with the day-of schedule, and gave her opinion exactly when I needed reassurance! Alayna was more than wonderful in helping us plan our wedding, and I could not be happier that she was our planner!

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It was better than a fairytale. Sandra is like a fairy godmother. She pays attention to every detail. She listens to what you want and works with you and makes it happen!