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Tea Party Packages

We will organize an English Tea Party that’s traditional, sophisticated, and boogie! Further…We aim to create an elegant English Tea Party with a fun ambiance that is superb to any other place in the area.

Enjoy a worry-free gathering surrounded by your besties amid the smell of freshly baked pastries and soft music filling the Cajun Mansion.

Let us handle everything from folding the napkins to crafting a delectable Tea Party menu, placing fresh florals in teapots, staging delicate china, and selecting favorite tea flavors.

Paying attention to detail is what we do best! We guarantee a victorious English Tea Party.  We know that ladies in our area sometimes prefer a heartier menu; therefore we have also included foods typically served for an English High Tea in the larger packages.

All you have to do is invite your friends and show up!

Sandra, We wanted to say thank you for everything you and your staff did for our children.. The venue is one in a million and we could not be more thankful and appreciative.. Please give our thank you’s to all of the staff.. Thank you again

food on 3 tier rack for tea party
Ladies sitting around table for a tea party

Everything was taken care of and in short notice!! Highly recommend!!

Tea Party Venue Serving Lafayette La - We're All About Options...

At a delightful tea party, guests can indulge in an exquisite array of delectable treats and beverages, complementing the elegant and refined atmosphere of the event. The menu includes a delightful assortment of sweet and savory delicacies, just like the English.  Select the Tea Party Package best for you.

Desserts: The macaroons take center stage with their delicate, colorful shells and luscious fillings. On the other hand, freshly baked Mini scones offer a more traditional touch. These bite-sized pastries are tender, buttery, perfect for a dainty indulgence, and served on 3-tier plates in the center of the table.

Savory: Also served center table are Mini Quiches, petite sandwiches, Meat pies and Canapes for those seeking savory. The mini quiche pastries are filled with a rich combination of eggs, cheese, meats, and vegetables, offering a satisfying bite-sized option. Our petite sandwiches & Canapes complement and pair well with the other foods. 

We’ve included large savory meat pies and canapes for heartier appetites in our larger packages.

Fruit &/or Cheese:  Fruit & Cheese blends well and compliments the other foods being served.

Beverages: A mimosa bar adds a touch of elegance and celebration to the tea party. Guests can enjoy a delightful combination of sparkling wine and seasonal fruit, creating a refreshing and bubbly concoction. For those who prefer a more traditional option, hot tea is a staple at any tea party. 

Tea Party Packages

With these thoughtfully curated menus, your English Tea party promises to be a delightful experience, combining classic and contemporary flavors to please every palate.

You have three options when planning your perfect Tea Party!

1- You can rent just the venue and bring everything yourself.  OR

2- You can rent the venue and the china/silverware – then bring your own Tea Foods

3- Or let us do it all for you by choosing one of the Tea Party Packages listed below.

Tea Party Packages at a Glance
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Included Items Dainty Tea Party Grand Tea Party Over-The-Top Tea Party
Macaroons X X X
Mini Scones X X X
SELECT 2 Sandwiche Choices - Cucumber, Chicken Salad OR Apricot/Ham X X X
Petite Quiches - Chefs Choice X X X
SELECT Veggie Caprese Skewers OR Deviled Eggs X X X
SELECT Fresh Fruit or Mixed Cheese Cubes X X X
Large Savory Meat Pie with Sweet Chili Glaze X X
Mimosa Bar X X
SELECT 2 Canapes - Cream cheese with Salmon, Meat or Shrimp Spread X
Fresh Floral Arrangements 2 Flower Arrangements 6 Flower arrangements

Want a Better Way? Get it All Done for You! Why not book your glamorous Tea Party at the Louisiana Cajun Mansion Bed & Breakfast?

That’s right, simply Call Us at (337) 223-4722 and start planning your event. Let us get you fixed up with catering, decorating, scheduling etc.

We’ve hosted some wild and wonderful over-the-top tea parties here at the Mansion, and can’t wait to get yours on our calendar!

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