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Meet your Non Traditional Wedding Venue

Welcome to the Cajun Mansion, a place where romance intertwines with elegance to create the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding. 

While our virtual tour video to the right gives you a glimpse into the beauty and grandeur of our venue, we invite you to immerse yourself in the world of possibilities that await you at Cajun Mansion. From the serene ambience of our manicured gardens to the opulent decor of our indoor spaces, every corner of our estate is a testament to our commitment to making your wedding day nothing short of spectacular.

At Cajun Mansion, we believe that your wedding should reflect your personal style and love story. We provide a complimentary STRESS FREE team of seasoned professionals who seamlessly collaborate, ensuring a stress-free experience as they work in perfect harmony to orchestrate your special day

So, take a moment to explore, dream, and envision your perfect day at Cajun Mansion. Our team of Wedding Planners, Day of Coordinators, Night of Concierge & Night of Captains are here to make your wedding journey as seamless and enchanting as the day you say “I do.”


Your Visionary Wedding Planner

At Cajun Mansion, we understand the importance of a seamless and enjoyable wedding planning experience.

That’s why we’ve assembled our Stress-Free Team, a group of dedicated professionals who work in perfect sync to ensure every aspect of your wedding is handled with precision and care.

Receive the exclusive benefit of our complimentary expert team, comprised of the following key members:

  • Wedding Planner
  • Day-of Coordinator
  • Night-of concierge
  • Night of Captain, along with their respective teams.

From the early stages of planning to the final moments  of your special day, our team operates with a unified rhythm, ensuring that every detail is addressed and every moment is flawlessly executed.

Learn more about our exceptional team and their roles in making your dream wedding a reality on our Stress-Free Team page.

Alayna was very sweet and helpful and took care of everything we needed while planning the wedding. On our wedding day everything went smoothly….Overall I was very satisfied with our wedding, it was beautiful and the staff was very nice and helpful.

Our planner, Alayna, was great at communicating with us and making sure we had every detail covered. It was so nice to have the high quality options for DJ, Catering, Cake, and Venue all in one place and for a great price. They made sure the evening of our wedding was beautiful, seamless, and to our exact liking down to the tiniest details.

Venue Options and Details

Discover the exquisite spaces of the Cajun Mansion, where every setting offers its own unique charm and ambiance, tailored to make your wedding day truly unforgettable. 

The Grand Ballroom: Experience the height of elegance in our Grand Main Room. With its sophisticated decor, sparkling chandeliers, and spacious seating area, it’s the perfect setting for a lavish reception or wedding ceremony. The main room comfortably accommodates large gatherings, allowing you and your guests to celebrate in grandeur.

The Garden Pavilion: For those dreaming of an outdoor wedding, our Garden Pavilion is a picturesque choice. Surrounded by lush greenery and blooming flowers, it creates a romantic and serene setting. This space is ideal for both ceremonies and receptions, offering a stunning backdrop for your vows and an enchanting atmosphere for dining under the stars.

Check out our Wedding Packages.

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The Luxury Suite: Our Exclusive Luxury Suite, an 800 sq ft haven of comfort and elegance, is specially reserved for the couple to celebrate and unwind in after their wedding festivities. Designed as an intimate retreat for their first night together, this suite epitomizes sophistication and privacy. 

The Preparation Suite for the 2nd Partner: Our Preparation Suite is a spacious and comfortable bedroom suite, thoughtfully designed as a relaxed setting for the wedding party to gather and prepare before the ceremony.  Equipped with full-length mirrors, and all necessary amenities, it ensures everyone in the party feels at ease and looks their best.

Customizable Layouts: Understanding that each wedding is unique, we offer customizable layouts in each of our spaces. Whether you’re envisioning a traditional setup or something more unconventional, our team will work with you to arrange the perfect configuration.

The Versatile Sunroom: Our Sunroom, bathed in natural light and offering a tranquil setting, is the perfect multipurpose space for wedding party preparations. 

It won’t matter if you’re a hands-off bride or a hands-on bride (like me), you won’t regret booking through this venue….Alayna was the wedding planner who was the most involved with our day... She was more than willing to be flexible with the day-of schedule, and gave her opinion exactly when I needed reassurance! Alayna was more than wonderful in helping us plan our wedding, and I could not be happier that she was our planner!

All-Inclusive Wedding Packages at Cajun Mansion

The Cajun Mansion is a non-traditional venue; we take pride in offering a variety of all-inclusive wedding packages, each thoughtfully designed to make your special day both memorable and stress-free.

Our packages cater to diverse styles and preferences, ensuring that every couple finds the perfect fit for their celebration.

Friday and Sunday Wedding Special: Recognizing the unique charm,  we offer a special package for those who choose to celebrate their love on a Friday or Sunday. When you book your wedding on these days, you’ll receive our Southern Elegance Upgrade at no additional cost. This Free upgrade adds an extra touch of luxury and sophistication to your event, enhancing the ambiance and overall experience.

Southern Elegance Upgrade: This complimentary upgrade transforms your wedding into an even more exquisite affair. It includes an overnight stay in our stunning Juliet Suite, 3 dressing suites, early wedding party arrival, enhanced decorations and additional elegant touches that elevate the aesthetics and feel of your wedding.

Reverse Weddings: A creative twist on traditional ceremonies, where the celebration starts with the reception and concludes with the vows.

Surprise Weddings: Perfect for couples who love an element of surprise, these weddings turn an ordinary event into an extraordinary wedding celebration.

Half-Priced Weddings: An economical option without compromising on quality, offering the same exceptional experience at a fraction of the cost.

Gift Certificate Weddings: A novel idea where guests contribute to the wedding expenses through gift certificates, making it a collective celebration.

Each package at Cajun Mansion is designed with an understanding that every wedding is unique. Our team of experts works closely with you to ensure that every aspect of your day is tailored to your preferences, from the decor to the dining options. Our goal is to create a seamless, beautiful, and unforgettable wedding experience for you and your guests, filled with joy, elegance, and Southern charm.  Check out our Stress Free Team.

bride and groom hugging in front of white fence

All the staff was excellent and made sure everyone was well taken care of. Food and cake was AWESOME! We literally just had to enjoy ourselves as every fine detail was taken care of by the staff. No worrying about anything as they all made sure our wedding day was perfect and indeed it was! We would highly recommend The Louisiana Cajun Mansion to anyone looking to marry and have a stress free

Frequently Asked Questions: Everything You Need to Know

A deposit of  $1500 is required to secure your date. This deposit is due at the time of booking and is non refundable.

We accept various forms of payment, including cash, checks, and major credit cards (3.99% fee) plus Venmo (1.99% fee, plus 10 cents)

Yes, we occasionally run special promotions, such as discounts for off-peak season weddings or weekday events. Please inquire during your consultation or call us 337.223.4722 for current offers.

Please note that outside alcohol is not permitted at our hosted events.  We kindly ask that all alcoholic beverages be purchased and consumed on the premises in accordance with out licensing and event regulations.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Yes, there is a minimum spend requirement for food and beverage, which varies depending on the chosen package.

We do not have partnerships with local hotels; but we can provide recommendations and special rates for your out-of-town guests.  There are nearby hotels.

You are welcome to have a live band or DJ. We do not offer any necessary audio equipment, but you’re free to bring additional equipment if required.

Our venue adheres to local noise ordinances, which require the music decimal level to be no higher than 70 decimals near the neighbors area.

Yes, our venue is fully accessible for guests with mobility issues, ensuring comfort and convenience for all your guests.

The Bar, Photographer and Grooms cake is not included in any wedding packages. 

Depending on the package you have selected, depends on how long the event will last.  For weddings, the venue rental is 4 hours.  We allow 4 hours prior to the event beginning for wedding party or decorating.  If you choose the Southern Elegance Upgrade, you are allowed as early as 10am.



Absolutely! We encourage you to schedule a tour to experience the beauty of our venue firsthand.  At that time we discuss all the Wedding Packages with you, show you the venue, answer any questions you have and provide you with a beautiful folder with all the details we discussed.  We believe in being transparent with our pricing so that you can budget down to the penny.

We have an excellent preferred Caterer, but you are also welcome to bring in an external caterer if you prefer.  There is a $400 external caterer fee and they must be licensed and insured.  You must show proof of their license.  We also must be listed on their insurance as an additional insured.

In our wedding packages, a small gratuity of $250 is already included for the event workers.  While this amount is a standard inclusion, we want to clarify that the customary industry gratuity ranges from $15 to $20%.  We welcome the opportunity for our guests to recognize exceptional service by contributing any additional gratuity directly, based on their experience with the staff.  Plesse note that the Wedding Planner and Day of Coordinator were key people in your planning.  Our priority is to ensure that our teams’ hard work is duly appreciated, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

In the event of a cancellation or date change, specific terms and conditions apply. These are outlined in our contract and will be discussed during your consultation.

Our venue offers a unique setting for both indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies, each with different seating capacities to suit your preferences. For indoor ceremonies, we can comfortably seat up to 120 guests, providing an intimate and elegant ambiance. For outdoor ceremonies, our spacious outdoor area accommodates up to 200 guests, allowing for a grander and more open-air setting. This versatility ensures that whether you prefer the cozy indoors or the expansive outdoors, your ceremony will be accommodated beautifully. Additionally, our venue is adept at facilitating a smooth transition from ceremony to reception, regardless of the chosen location.

While we have a list of preferred vendors known for their quality and reliability in our wedding packages, we welcome outside vendors as well. Our team will work closely with them to ensure a seamless experience.  Please note that restrictions may apply and there may be an additional fee depending on the vendor.

Absolutely. For the larger weddings, you can rent a tent at a discounted price for the back garden area, ensuring that your special day goes uninterrupted.

Our venue includes ample parking space for you and your guests at no additional cost.  We are a gated property assuring safety.

We aim to make your vision a reality. However, there are some restrictions to protect the integrity of our venue and for safety reasons. These will be discussed during your consultation.  We love the idea of themed weddings and we promote making your wedding your own through special decorations.

Yes, we have 3 designated suites for the wedding party to get ready.  When the Southern Elegance Upgrade is purchased, it also includes the spacious and bright Sunroom to prepare and relax before the ceremony.

To book your date, a $1500 non refundable deposit is required. The remaining balance will be due based on the contract or you simply make monthly no interest payments.  This is explained during your consultation.

Certainly. We can arrange for either a rehearsal dinner or Bridal Shower at our venue. We also include packages for each of these and they are listed on our website. This can be discussed in detail  during your consultation or a phone call.

Yes, you just need to let the caterer know and they can make this happen just for you or to adapt the entire menu according to your needs.