Double the Love, Half the Price: Unique Half Priced Weddings at Cajun Mansion

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Weddings are a celebration of love and unity, but often come with a hefty price tag. At Cajun Mansion Event Venue, we believe in making your dream wedding accessible without compromising on elegance. Introducing our innovative concept: Half Priced Weddings. This unique approach is perfect for couples sharing the same circle of friends or family members, offering an opportunity to celebrate their special day together while easing the financial burden.

The Concept:

Half Priced Weddings at the nontraditional Event Venue, Cajun Mansion, is designed for two couples to host their weddings simultaneously. It’s a double celebration where each couple enjoys their own distinct ceremony, complete with individual wedding cakes, bridal bouquets, and groom’s boutonnieres. While these personal touches are priced separately, all other expenses are split, effectively halving the cost. This setup is ideal for couples seeking a lavish wedding experience without the extravagant costs.

Why Choose a Half Priced Wedding?flowers hanged on brown plank with white textile - for double weddings

Economic Efficiency:

Cajun Mansion’s approach to economic efficiency is exemplified in our unique offering of shared all-inclusive wedding packages, ideal for two couples looking to celebrate their love simultaneously. This innovative concept allows couples to enjoy a lavish wedding experience while significantly cutting costs.

Shared Package, Halved Costs: When two couples select one of our all-inclusive wedding packages, they can split the cost down the middle. This split includes the venue, staff, security, catering, DJ, officiant, and florals, making it a highly cost-effective choice.

Additional Personal Touches: The only additional costs are for the second couple’s unique elements: an extra wedding cake, a second bridal bouquet, and a second groom’s boutonniere. These individualized items ensure each couple’s celebration retains its personal charm and distinctiveness.

Maximized Value: Our all-inclusive packages are designed to provide the utmost in value and convenience. By sharing the comprehensive offerings of these packages, couples can enjoy an upscale wedding without the upscale price tag.  The pricing in the package has already been pre-negotiated with the vendors.

Budget Allocation Flexibility: The savings realized from splitting the package costs allow couples to allocate funds elsewhere, be it for an extended honeymoon, special wedding attire, or other personal preferences, enhancing the overall wedding experience.

Simplified Planning and Budgeting: With major expenses consolidated and shared in an all-inclusive package, planning becomes more straightforward, and budgeting more manageable. This arrangement significantly reduces financial strain and planning stress, allowing couples to focus on the excitement and joy of their special day.

By choosing a shared all-inclusive wedding package at Cajun Mansion, couples not only benefit from economic efficiency but also from the elegance and comprehensive service that make weddings at our venue truly extraordinary.

Shared Joy:

The concept of Shared Joy in our Half Priced Weddings at Cajun Mansion takes on a beautiful and unique meaning. It’s about celebrating love and commitment not in isolation, but alongside another couple who shares a close bond with you, be it through friendship or family ties.

Amplified Celebratory Atmosphere: By hosting two weddings together, the joy and excitement are doubled. The atmosphere becomes electric with the shared happiness of two sets of guests, creating a vibrant and unforgettable celebration.

Collective Memories with Loved Ones: These weddings offer a rare opportunity to create collective memories with a larger group of loved ones. Guests who are mutual friends or family members get to experience and celebrate two significant events in one, making for a truly special and memorable occasion.

Shared Experiences and Emotions: The couples get to share the emotional journey of their wedding day. From the anticipation of walking down the aisle to the joy of saying “I do,” experiencing these milestones alongside another couple who understands the significance adds a deeper level of emotional richness to the day.

Enhanced Support and Camaraderie: There’s an inherent support system in sharing your wedding day. The couples can lean on each other during the planning stages and on the day itself, offering advice, sharing responsibilities, and even calming each other’s nerves, fostering a sense of camaraderie and mutual support.

Unique Bonding Opportunity: For couples sharing friends or family, this arrangement offers a unique bonding experience. It strengthens relationships, not only between the couples but also among the shared guests, fostering a sense of community and togetherness.

Innovative Celebration Style: Choosing a Half Priced Wedding at Cajun Mansion reflects a modern, innovative approach to wedding celebrations. It breaks away from traditional norms and offers a refreshing way to celebrate love and commitment.

In essence, the Shared Joy of a double wedding at Cajun Mansion is about enriching your special day with the warmth and happiness of shared experiences. It’s an opportunity to not only celebrate your love but also to multiply the happiness and make your wedding a truly communal and joyous event.

venue main room setup with tables and chairsCustomizable Elegant Venue:

Cajun Mansion is not just an elegant venue; it’s a canvas for your imagination, where elegance meets personalization. Our venue’s adaptability allows couples to infuse their individual styles, transforming it to align perfectly with their wedding vision.

Elegance with Personal Touches: At its core, Cajun Mansion exudes sophistication and elegance. Its natural beauty and stylish architecture provide a luxurious backdrop for any wedding. Yet, what makes it truly special is the ability for couples to add their personal touches, ensuring that their wedding reflects their unique tastes and personalities.

Rustic Elegance: One of our most sought-after themes is the blend of rustic charm with elegant elements. Couples can choose rustic decorations, like wooden accents and natural textures, complemented by elegant touches such as crystal chandeliers or silk drapes. This blend creates a warm, inviting atmosphere while maintaining a sense of refined sophistication.

Versatile Themes and Styles: While rustic elegance is a popular choice, our venue is not limited to this style. Whether you envision a vintage, bohemian, modern, or any other theme, Cajun Mansion can be transformed to meet your specific needs. Our versatile spaces, both indoor and outdoor, can be customized to any theme, offering endless possibilities for decoration and layout.

Indoor and Outdoor Options: With both stunning indoor spaces and picturesque outdoor settings, couples have the freedom to choose where and how they wish to celebrate their union. The outdoor areas can be adorned with lights and natural elements for a fairy-tale setting, while the indoors can be transformed to reflect any desired ambiance.

Professional Design and Setup: Our STRESS FREE team of experienced designers and planners work closely with each couple to bring their vision to life. From selecting the right color palette with your complimentary Wedding Planner to arranging decor elements by your Event Captain and their team, we ensure that every detail is meticulously planned and executed.

A Reflection of Your Story: At Cajun Mansion, we believe that your wedding venue should be more than just a setting; it should be a reflection of your journey and love story. That’s why we offer the flexibility to customize every aspect of the venue to create a setting that is uniquely yours.

In summary, the Customizable Elegant Venue of Cajun Mansion is about blending sophistication with personalization. It’s a place where your dream wedding becomes a reality, reflecting your style, whether it’s elegantly rustic, classically chic, or anything in between.

White ChairsStress-Free Planning and Execution:

At Cajun Mansion, we understand that planning a wedding can be overwhelming, which is why we have crafted a seamless, stress-free approach to wedding planning and execution. Our dedicated Stress-Free Team, consisting of four key roles, focuses on ensuring that the bride and groom experience a joyous and hassle-free journey to their special day.

  1. Wedding Planner: Our experienced Wedding Planner is the architect of your wedding vision. From the initial planning stages to the final execution, they work closely with the couple, understanding their desires and preferences, and ensuring that every detail aligns with their vision. They coordinate with vendors, manage schedules, and offer expert guidance to bring your dream wedding to life.
  2. Day of Coordinator: The Day of Coordinator takes the reins on the wedding day to ensure everything runs smoothly. They are the orchestrators of the day’s events, managing timeline changes, coordinating with vendors, and addressing any last-minute adjustments. Their primary goal is to allow the bride and groom to enjoy their day without worrying about the logistics.
  3. Night of Concierge: The Night of Concierge provides personalized assistance to the couple throughout the wedding night. From ensuring the couple has everything they need to addressing any guest inquiries, they are there to handle the finer details, allowing the bride and groom to fully immerse themselves in the celebration.
  4. Night of Captain: The Night of Captain picks up once the Day of Coordinator leaves and oversees the entire wedding event during the evening, ensuring that all elements of the reception run as planned. They coordinate with the catering team, manage the entertainment schedule, and oversee the overall flow of the evening, ensuring a seamless experience for the couple and their guests.
  5. Team Collaboration: This four-person team, along with their support staff, works in unison to provide a comprehensive, worry-free wedding experience. They handle all aspects of the wedding planning and execution with precision and care, ensuring the primary focus remains on the bride and groom.
  6. Personalized Attention: Each couple receives personalized attention from our team, ensuring that their specific needs and wishes are met. This approach not only eases the stress of wedding planning but also creates a more enjoyable and memorable experience for the couple.

In conclusion, the Stress-Free Planning and Execution service at Cajun Mansion is not just a feature; it’s our commitment to delivering an exquisite, worry-free wedding experience. We ensure that from the moment you start planning to the final moments of your wedding night, every detail is meticulously cared for, allowing you to cherish every moment of your special day.

The Venue:

Cajun Mansion is celebrated as an extraordinary wedding venue that shuns the conventional, offering bespoke experiences tailored to each couple’s unique preferences. Our commitment to inclusivity and personalization is evident in the diverse range of customizable wedding themes and packages we provide, designed to align with different budgets and styles. Known for its captivating ambiance, Cajun Mansion features a blend of stunning natural landscapes and elegant settings, both indoors and outdoors. These versatile spaces cater perfectly to any wedding vision, whether it’s a shared celebration or an intimate affair.

The non-traditional venue’s adaptability is a key highlight. It can be styled to capture a rustic elegance or a more classic, sophisticated look, depending on your personal taste. This flexibility makes Cajun Mansion an ideal backdrop for all couples, ensuring that every wedding not only meets but exceeds expectations. Here, every detail is thoughtfully considered to create an event that is as unique and special as the couple themselves, making Cajun Mansion a symbol of individualized celebration and unparalleled elegance.

bride throwing flower bouquet on women during daytimeTestimonials:

At Cajun Mansion, our reputation as a premier wedding venue is vividly reflected in the hundreds of 5-star reviews we have received. These glowing testimonials speak volumes about the exceptional experiences we provide, illustrating why Cajun Mansion is so frequently the venue of choice for couples.

Our industry peers often highlight our meticulous attention to detail and the remarkable efficiency of our STRESS FREE Team, which includes a Wedding Planner, Day of Coordinator, Night of Concierge, and Night of Captain. This expert team ensures that every wedding at the Mansion is executed flawlessly, making the entire process seem effortlessly easy for our clients.

The high rate of referrals, with more than half of our weddings coming from word-of-mouth recommendations, further testifies to the outstanding quality and satisfaction we consistently deliver. Cajun Mansion is more than just a venue; it’s a promise of a stress-free, exquisite, and unforgettable wedding experience.


A Half Priced Wedding at Cajun Mansion is more than just a cost-effective solution; it’s a chance to make your wedding day doubly memorable. By sharing your special day with another couple, you’re not only saving on expenses but also multiplying the joy and celebration. Contact us today to learn more about this unique opportunity and start planning the wedding you’ve always dreamed of – at half the cost!

Ready to embark on this unique wedding journey? Reach out to us at Cajun Mansion at 337-223-4722 to explore how we can turn your double wedding dream into a stunning reality with our All Inclusive Wedding Packages.  Another cost saving is Gift Certificate Weddings at the Cajun Mansion.

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