Benefits of Friday and Sunday Weddings over Saturday Weddings

Why Friday and Saturday Weddings

When planning a wedding, the choice of the day can significantly influence the overall experience. While Saturday weddings have been the traditional choice, more and more couples are now recognizing the unique advantages of opting for a Friday or Sunday wedding. This is especially true at nontraditional venues like the Cajun Mansion, where exclusive packages and offerings make these days particularly appealing.

Exclusive Advantages at Cajun Mansion – Southern Elegance Package (Only on Fridays and Sundays) $999 Value is FREE

The Southern Elegance package, available exclusively for Friday and Sunday weddings at the Cajun Mansion, includes several premium features:

  • Early Arrival: Allows for a relaxed start with ample preparation time.
  • Juliet Bridal Suite Upgrade: A luxurious retreat for the newlyweds.
  • Complimentary Decor Items: Such as floor-length easels and highboy tables.
  • Variety of Decor Options: Including table runners, centerpieces, and charger plates.
  • Unique Themed Weddings: Like Reverse Wedding, Gift Certificate Weddings, Half Priced Weddings or Surprise Wedding, adding a memorable twist​​.

cost effective man sitting on coins Cost-Effectiveness

Friday and Sunday weddings offer unique financial benefits, especially at venues like the Cajun Mansion where certain premium features are included in these specific days’ packages.

Savings on Upgrades: This inclusion allows couples to either save on cost-effective solution for a lavish celebration​​.  Couples can save over $999 on these enhancements by just having their wedding on a Friday or a Sunday.

Broader Cost Benefits – Vendor Discounts:  Many vendors (outside the All Inclusive Wedding Packages) offer lower rates for non-Saturday weddings due to reduced demand.

Accommodation Savings: Guests attending a wedding on a Friday or Sunday often benefit from lower hotel rates compared to Saturday bookings.

Accommodation Savings for the Bride and Groom:  The Cajun Mansion offers a 24 hour experience for the Bride and Groom which includes a lavish 800 sq ft bridal Suite.  The experience ends with breakfast in bed the following morning.

Availability and Flexibility

Choosing a Friday or Sunday wedding improves the availability and flexibility in planning, an advantage that is particularly notable at sought-after venues like the Cajun Mansion.

Easier Venue and Vendor Booking – Less Competition: Fridays and Sundays face less demand than Saturdays, making it easier to book the venue and preferred vendors.

More Date Choices: These days offer a wider selection of available dates, increasing the chances of securing the perfect wedding day.

Enhanced Planning Flexibility – Vendor Coordination: Vendors are generally more available and can provide focused attention on these less busy days.

Guest Logistics: Guests may find it easier to arrange travel and accommodations for a Friday or Sunday wedding, especially during peak seasons.

Tailored Wedding Experience with the STRESS FREE Team

Dedicated Team Approach: The Cajun Mansion’s STRESS FREE team of 4 people (Wedding Planner, Day of Coordinator, Night of Concierge, Night of Captain and their team) works cohesively to ensure a seamless and relaxed wedding experience. This team of professionals collaborates to handle every detail, from initial planning with the complimentary Wedding Planner to the day-of coordination with the Day of Coordinator, to the Night of Concierge who takes care of the couples needs to the Captain and their team who execute all the details.  This teamwork allows each couple to enjoy their special day without worries.

Customizable Options: The team’s flexible approach facilitates a wide range of customization options, making it possible to tailor every aspect of the wedding to the couple’s preferences​​.

Opting for a Friday or Sunday wedding, especially at the Cajun Mansion, offers a blend of cost-effectiveness, availability, and a stress-free planning experience. The inclusion of the Southern Elegance package adds exceptional value, while the dedicated STRESS FREE team ensures a personalized and memorable wedding celebration. These factors collectively make Friday and Sunday weddings an attractive and practical choice for couples looking for a unique and enjoyable wedding experience.

weekend getawayExtended Celebrations and Guest Convenience

Friday and Sunday weddings not only provide a unique ambiance but also offer extended celebration opportunities and added convenience for guests.

Weekend Extension

Prolonged Celebrations: A Friday wedding kickstarts the weekend, offering guests the opportunity to extend the celebration over the entire weekend. Similarly, a Sunday wedding can cap off the weekend with a memorable event.

Vacation Opportunities: These days are ideal for guests who wish to turn their trip into a mini-vacation or stay-cation. Friday weddings, in particular, give guests the chance to enjoy a long weekend, while Sunday weddings can be a relaxing conclusion to their time off.

Guest Convenience

Travel Ease: With potentially less traffic and more flexible travel options, guests might find it easier to arrive at and depart from the wedding location.

Hotel Availability: Hotels often have more availability and potentially lower rates on Fridays and Sundays compared to Saturdays, making accommodation more convenient and affordable for guests.

Increased Guest Attendance

Convenience for Professionals: Guests working in professional environments can benefit significantly from Friday weddings. They have the option to leave work already dressed for the event, making it more convenient to attend a wedding without needing additional time to prepare. This convenience can be particularly appealing for those who might otherwise find it challenging to manage time between work and attending a wedding.

Reduced Event Conflicts: Weekend commitments and events are typically more concentrated on Saturdays. By choosing a Friday for the wedding, couples reduce the likelihood that guests will face a conflict between attending the wedding and other events. This consideration can be crucial for guests who are not immediate family or friends, as they might have to choose between multiple events. A Friday wedding presents a simpler choice, as it is less likely to clash with other commitments.

Dress Code Ease: For some guests, particularly those who are not in the immediate circle of family or friends, the requirement to dress up for a wedding can be a deciding factor in their attendance. A Friday wedding aligns well with the workweek, allowing guests to transition directly from their professional attire to the wedding, potentially increasing attendance among this group.

Long-Distance Guest Convenience: For guests traveling long distances, a Friday or Sunday wedding can be more appealing. It allows them to maximize their time away from work, turning the wedding attendance into a mini-vacation. This can be particularly attractive for guests who might use the opportunity to explore the area or visit with family and friends.

Accommodating Work Schedules: Many guests work in industries that follow a traditional Monday-to-Friday schedule. Hosting a wedding on a Friday or Sunday can be more accommodating for these individuals. A Friday wedding allows guests to take a half a day off and enjoy a long weekend, making it more feasible for them to attend. Sunday weddings, on the other hand, can be ideal for guests to round off their weekend with a celebration, often without impacting their work week.

Sunday Wedding Advantages: Similarly, a Sunday wedding, often at the end of a relaxed weekend, can be convenient for guests. The likelihood of Saturday commitments affecting Sunday availability is lower, making it easier for guests to attend without the stress of choosing between multiple events.


Opting for a Friday or Sunday wedding takes into account the work schedules and social commitments of guests, particularly those in professional environments. This consideration can lead to increased attendance, as it aligns well with the typical workweek and reduces the likelihood of event conflicts, making it easier and more appealing for guests to participate in the celebration.

Seasonal Considerations: During certain times of the year, such as summer or holiday weekends, guests might be more inclined to travel for a Friday or Sunday wedding, increasing the likelihood of higher attendance.

Intimate Atmosphere

Selective Attendance: Friday and Sunday weddings might attract guests interested in quality Time with you: The extended celebration period allows the couple to spend quality time with their guests, fostering a more personal and memorable experience.

wedding planner - wedding planning materialPersonalized Attention

Opting for a wedding on a Friday or Sunday can positively impact guest attendance in several ways.  Choosing a Friday or Sunday wedding often leads to more personalized attention from the venue and vendors, enhancing the overall experience.

Focused Service from Vendors and Venue

Dedicated Resources: With fewer events typically occurring on Fridays and Sundays, vendors and venue staff can allocate more time and resources to each wedding, ensuring detailed attention and service.  Your complimentary Wedding Planner has an easier time making special arrangements or requests in your behalf.

Relaxed Setup and Execution: The less hectic schedule on these days allows for a more relaxed setup, giving vendors ample time to perfect every aspect of the wedding.

Enhanced Planning Experience

Detailed Consultations: Couples might find that they have more opportunities for in-depth consultations and planning sessions, as vendors and coordinators are less likely to be overbooked.  This helps the Wedding Planner work seamlessly with the vendors.

Tailored Solutions: This extra attention can lead to more customized and creative solutions, perfectly aligning with the couple’s vision for their special day.


Special Traditions and Religious Considerations

Friday and Sunday weddings can accommodate specific cultural, religious, or personal traditions more easily than the conventional Saturday wedding.

Cultural and Religious Flexibility

Auspicious Days: In many cultures and religions, certain days of the week are considered more auspicious or suitable for weddings than others.

Observance of Religious Practices: Some religious practices may restrict weddings on certain days, making Fridays or Sundays more appropriate for adherents of these faiths.  The non traditional Cajun Mansion is open for wedding ceremonies and receptions 7 days a week.

Personal and Commemorative Significance

Anniversary Dates: Couples may choose a specific date that holds personal significance, such as the anniversary of their relationship, which might fall on a Friday or Sunday.

Memorial Considerations: Some couples might select a date to honor or align with significant family dates or to remember loved ones.


Opting for a Friday or Sunday wedding offers the benefits of more personalized attention from vendors and the opportunity to honor special traditions and religious considerations. This flexibility and focus contribute to making the wedding experience more intimate, meaningful, and aligned with the couple’s values and preferences, further enhancing the appeal of non-Saturday weddings.

Why Friday and Saturday WeddingsCreative and Thematic Flexibility

Friday and Sunday weddings offer couples greater scope for creativity and thematic expression, making their special day truly unique.

Unconventional Themes and Personalization

Creative Freedom: With less traditional expectations tied to these days, couples have more freedom to explore creative or unconventional wedding themes.

Thematic Diversity: From whimsical and casual to elegant and understated, Fridays and Sundays provide the perfect canvas for a wide range of themes that might not fit the typical Saturday wedding mold.

Enhanced Decor and Styling Options

Decor Flexibility: Vendors and venues may be more open to unique decor requests and setups on Fridays and Sundays, allowing for more distinctive styling options.

Extended Setup Time: These days may offer more flexibility for setup and breakdown, providing additional time to achieve intricate decor and thematic elements.

Avoiding the ‘Saturday Rush’

Opting for a wedding on a Friday or Sunday can alleviate many of the stresses associated with the popular Saturday rush.

Reduced Planning Stress

More Relaxed Timeline: With less demand for vendors and venues, couples can enjoy a more relaxed planning timeline, reducing the stress and pressure often associated with Saturday weddings.

Easier Coordination: The decreased competition for services on Fridays and Sundays can make coordination with vendors and venues smoother and more efficient.

Enjoyable Planning and Execution

Personalized Attention: The reduced rush allows for more personalized and attentive service from vendors, contributing to a more enjoyable planning experience.

Quality Over Quantity: A less hectic schedule for vendors means they can focus on quality service, ensuring that each aspect of the wedding is executed with care and attention to detail.


Opting for a Friday or Sunday wedding offers a mix of unique benefits, cost savings, better vendor availability, extended celebration opportunities, and the possibility of a more personalized and intimate event. These factors collectively make these days an appealing and practical choice for couples, challenging the norm of Saturday weddings. The Cajun Mansion, with its exclusive Southern Elegance package and other tailored offerings, exemplifies the allure of Friday and Sunday weddings, providing a perfect setting for a memorable and distinct wedding experience.

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