Planning the Perfect Intimate Wedding A Step-By-Step Guide

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Planning the ideal intimate wedding can be simpler than you think, as long as your focus remains on those attending and includes memorable details such as an interactive cocktail hour or line dancing!

Initial steps towards setting your budget include creating one and creating a list of expenses you plan to incur this month and where to splurge and where it would be better to save.

1. Set Your Budget

Budget planning for an intimate wedding should start as soon as you begin organizing it. Save up some money each month before spending it all at once on wedding expenses.

An intimate wedding has lower costs in terms of venue rental and catering expenses; plus you have more flexibility in adding touches that make your experience unforgettable! Keeping guest lists small also enables you to add details that make the day extra memorable for guests!

2. Choose Your Venue

Small guest lists offer endless venue possibilities when it comes to selecting an event venue – think national parks with breathtaking vistas, charming Airbnb’s or cabins, the restaurant where you first met your partner, or a backyard setting.

Explore other creative options by asking a family member or close friend to host your intimate wedding ceremony – they may be more than willing!

3. Create Your Guest List

Couples often struggle to decide who should make up their intimate wedding guest list. A general guideline suggests inviting anyone whom you could envision having dinner with within one year – as that way, your intimate celebration won’t feel so exclusive and exclusive!

As part of your guest list creation process, it is also wise to take into account the capacity of your venue. That way, should someone decline during RSVPs, you will know exactly how you’ll fill their seat without losing valuable RSVPs.

wedding invitations4. Schedule a Meeting with Your Vendors

Due to budget or COVID-19 regulations, many couples are opting for smaller weddings. A smaller guest list opens up more possibilities!

Brides-to-be have many options when planning their wedding weekend: activities or excursions can give them more time with guests; menu and decor upgrades can add extra appeal;

5. Schedule a Planning Meeting with Your Family

More and more couples are opting to forgo traditional wedding ceremonies and opt instead to elope. Many still wish to share the celebrations with family and friends.

Planning meetings should be scheduled regularly with your family. These can either take place in person or over the phone depending on what works best for all involved; set an agreed-upon time that works well for everyone, and stick with it! Doing this will make reaching decisions together much simpler.

6. Schedule a Meeting with Your Vendors

Many couples want something less traditional for their wedding experience; something more intimate and significant.

An intimate wedding provides plenty of options – be it hosting a backyard barbeque, renting out an Air BnB home, or planning a weekend getaway – when it comes to planning an intimate celebration.

An additional way to extend the wedding experience is hosting a brunch or planning activities the day after your nuptials – this gives guests more chances to bond.

7. Schedule a Meeting with Your Vendors

Organize a meeting with all of your vendors if you are planning a small wedding; this will enable you to ensure everything runs smoothly and ease your mind.

At this stage, it is also an ideal opportunity to discuss any specific requests and special touches you have – such as custom food experiences, cocktail menus curated to your tastes, floral installations, or entertainment services.

8. Just Consider an Intimate Wedding

Many millennial couples prefer an intimate wedding over the typical large-scale affair, as this provides couples with options they might otherwise not afford due to having more guests present, such as customized menus and decor.

An intimate wedding allows couples to tailor the ceremony and reception as per their desired traditions, such as family photos, an intimate first look, or extended events like a welcome reception or post-wedding brunch.

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