Micro Weddings: A Trend Here to Stay

Bride and groom joined hands in micro wedding

Bride and groom joined hands in micro weddingWedding trends often change rapidly; however, micro weddings seem to have taken hold as an intimate way for couples to celebrate their love without an overwhelming guest list or budget.

Micro weddings are more intimate celebrations that feature ceremony, dinner and dance elements with limited guest count – according to planner Sandra Booher these ceremonies typically accommodate 50 or fewer attendees.

1. It’s More Personal

Micro weddings offer you an opportunity to add personal touches that make the event uniquely your own, such as customizing the playlist for the big day and writing personalized vows – or even having your pet walk down the aisle alongside you.

As with any wedding, there’s no foolproof way to reduce stress associated with large celebrations, but downsizing guest lists and selecting venues that allow for smaller budgets can significantly lessen those concerns and save money on items like favors, floral arrangements, and additional decor.  To reduce the stress even more, you should check out the all inclusive MICRO wedding packages at the Cajun Mansion.

Although you may get pushback from some who do not wish to attend your wedding, if this is what both you and your partner truly desire then be firm – they might prefer using those funds on other expenses such as purchasing a home or honeymoon instead.

2. It’s More Affordable

Micro weddings tend to be more cost-effective; couples no longer need to provide for hundreds of guests, and this can significantly lower financial costs.

Reducing guest list and vendor numbers may help alleviate some of the strain, leading to more manageable budgets and allowing couples to focus on personalizing their day as desired.

Reducing the guest list can save money on unnecessary services or decorations, such as renting a party bus or centerpieces for 20 tables. That money can then be saved or applied towards other aspects of your wedding wish list such as honeymoon travel or home purchase.

3. It’s More Flexible

Micro weddings enable couples to simplify every detail, including inviting fewer guests – which saves on invitations and food waste – as well as fitting your nuptials into more intimate locations, like a backyard, park or barn.

As well as budget and venue considerations, other elements that can determine the size of your wedding include how it will be celebrated and whether to include music and beverages for guests. Hosting a family-style reception may help keep costs under control.

With a smaller guest list, it will be easier to add special touches that set apart your micro wedding from traditional events, like handwritten notes for each table or personalized wedding bands for each couple. These touches can help set it apart while personalizing their experience for each guest and thanking them for attending your celebration!

4. It’s More FunMicro Wedding Flower Favours

Micro weddings allow you to keep the guest list short and focus on smaller groups, saving money through various means such as catering.

Micro weddings offer you the freedom to design a ceremony and reception that are uniquely your own, including passing around rings so guests can hold and pass them around, or readings from favorite love poems or books.

Small weddings allow couples to get creative with food and entertainment options. A big dance floor may not be necessary – instead invite in your favorite local musician/band for an intimate first dance moment and memorable first-dance moment! Some relatives may object to participating in your micro wedding; but if this is what both you and your future husband/wife truly desire then stick with it!

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