Why Hire a Wedding Planner Pro?

white ceramic mug with coffee on top of a plannerProfessional wedding planners are an absolute necessity. Beware any planner who seems pushy or interested more in money than your needs as that would be an immediate red flag.

An excellent wedding planner will assist in keeping your budget and schedule on track by crunching numbers and negotiating deals with vendors while bringing your dreams of wedding bliss within your means.

1. They Save You Time

Wedding planners specialize in dealing with all the small details associated with planning a wedding and can help keep things on track and organized so you don’t get overwhelmed by all the work required to plan one.

On the flip side, if you prefer doing all your own research and prefer being in control, then hiring a planner may not be right for you. Be wary of planners without any professional qualifications as they should readily present proof of them to you.

2. They Save You Money

As part of your wedding planning, it can be easy to become distracted by all of the wonderful wedding “squirrels” online or at friends’ weddings. A Planner will inform you what impact a fireworks send-off or chocolate fountain might have on your budget so that you can make informed choices that work within it.

Experience is vital! They will also help you avoid costly errors (like selecting an overpriced venue or undertaking ambitious DIY projects) so it pays to consult them. Experience is truly priceless!

3. They’re a Non-Judgmental Sounding Boardwomen and man talking outside the building

Wedding planners are invaluable allies during the planning process. Meyer notes that some brides-to-be may mistakenly believe they need to wear white and have an aisle with two sides.

Your wedding planner can assist in exploring and questioning any hidden motives that may influence the way your day unfolds and may offer guidance when it comes to following venue rules, for instance by not breaking them if explicitly told not to use sparklers at your venue.

4. They’re There for You

Planning a wedding requires managing many moving parts. From selecting vendors, managing fees, and staying on top of an ever-expanding to-do list – it can be hard for couples to remain organized!

Our online wedding planner software facilitates seamless communication with clients and prospects through event email communications tools, shared calendars that sync up with personal calendars, at-a-glance dashboard views, and more. Furthermore, users are able to build proposal/contract templates as well as collect electronic signatures.

5. They’re a Resource

Wedding planners (or coordinators, or wedding managers) are industry professionals with in-depth knowledge. They know all of the tricks for saving money without compromising quality on your big day.

Service contract consultants read over service contracts on your behalf and help renegotiate fees and remove unexpected extras that you weren’t expecting. In addition, they provide creative ideas you might never have considered and bring their own perspective to bear on any situation.

6. They’ll Bring Your Vision to Life

Even for the most organized bride-to-be, planning a wedding can be a grueling task. Between booking vendors, organizing RSVPs, managing budgets, and making sure everything happens according to plan, it can easily turn into full-time work.

An expert wedding planner knows exactly how to bring your vision to life by finding creative workarounds and rallying everyone around the table. Plus, they have experience crunching numbers and negotiating deals like pros! Use online wedding planning software like Planning Pod to streamline email communications with clients and prospects (Create event proposals/quotes with colorful themes while monitoring progress with dashboards)

person writing bucket list on book7. They’ll Keep You on Track

An experienced wedding planner can be invaluable when planning your big day. A planner will keep you focused on the overall goal while keeping all of the day-to-day tasks at bay.

Automate communication with clients, vendors, and staff by using email communication tools and at-a-glance dashboards for events. Simplify contract signing processes using electronic signatures and booking calendar systems.

Create to-do lists and assign tasks with email/text reminders for team members and clients, keeping track of inventory/rental items with an inventory system that allows you to upload lists.

8. They’re There for You on Your Big Day

As part of your wedding day experience, a planner can serve to answer vendors’ inquiries, ensure family members are in their proper places, and coax guests into photos for photos. A wedding planner is an excellent way to implement your vision with precision.

Utilize Planning Pod’s client contracting and management software to quickly create wedding proposals/quotes, electronic contracts that collect electronic signatures and payment, reusable invoice templates for invoices and reports, as well as more elaborate wedding proposals/quotes for use during an engagement.

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