What You Should Know As A Bridesmaid

Avoid awkward conversations and know what is expected of you financially.
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bride and two bridesmaids with their satin robesWhenever you are asked to be a bridesmaid at a close friend or family member’s wedding, it is an extremely exciting time. You immediately begin to think of how you can help the bride have her perfect day and how much fun you will have. One thing that may slip your mind is what expenses you are expected to cover. Everyone knows talking about money can seem awkward but when you are a bridesmaid, there are a few things that you pay for yourself. Read on for what you should know as a bridesmaid and what you can expect.

Traditionally, one of the first things a bridesmaid is expected to pay for is their wedding ensemble. After the bride chooses the color and style of the bridesmaid dresses, you can buy your dress. You are also expected to cover any alterations you may need for your dress. You can then buy your shoes that are approved by the bride and jewelry as well. Some brides leave the shoes up to the bridesmaids themselves and some do not want any jewelry but every bride is different. Just be prepared to pay for what you are going to wear for the big day.

The next thing bridesmaids are expected to cover financially is the bridal shower and the gift they plan to get the bride. Depending on who is hosting the bridal shower, the maid of honor and bridesmaids are usually expected to at least help with the bill of the bridal shower. It is a day to celebrate the bride and shower her with love before her wedding. She should not have to worry about paying for anything that day. The bridesmaids should buy decorations, food, and presents for the bride. The plus side is that the cost should not be too horrendous split between the bridal party and you get to celebrate with your friend!

Another expense bridesmaids are expected to cover is a hotel and travel before the wedding. If the wedding couple is having a destination wedding, it is up to the bridesmaids how they get there and where they are staying. The good thing about this is some or all of the bridesmaids can plan ahead and travel together and share their accommodations to help share the cost. Splitting the cost can make it much more affordable for all of the bridesmaids and help them save a little money. Just remember, it is all a part of the job as a bridesmaid!

The last thing bridesmaids are expected to cover financially is the bachelorette party. They should find out if there is a specific placebachelorette party, champagne, weddings the bride wants it held or if she wants it all to be a surprise. After that is decided, it is up to them to plan and pay for all activities, food, drinks, and décor. Some brides do not want the usual crazy bachelorette party that you see in movies. Some brides may just want a nice dinner with their favorite gal pals. These are details you should ask the bride before you start planning so you know she will enjoy herself, after all, it is all about her!

Now, traditionally the bride and her family are expected to pay for the bridesmaids’ bouquets, corsages, and other floral accessories. They are also expected to cover the cost of hair and makeup for each bridesmaid and their travel on the day of the wedding. Now that you know what is expected of a bridesmaid financially, you can decide if you should say yes if and when a bride asks you to participate in her wedding. Remember, it is supposed to be an extremely enjoyable and happy time for everyone! Help make your friends’ special day absolutely perfect. You can help by suggesting the perfect wedding venue!
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