Wedding DJ – the Soundtrack of Your Biggest Day

How can your wedding DJ set the tone of your wedding day?
Wedding day music
Music is a beautiful way to express yourself. Your wedding music allows you to add your own personal touch to your wedding ceremony and reception. The music that you include in your wedding ceremony and reception has more of an impact on your guests than you may think. The music played at your wedding helps the flow of your wedding and keep your guests entertained. Read on for the flow of a wedding ceremony and reception and how it can affect your biggest day.bride and groom first dance in main room

Pre-Ceremony: Setting a Romantic Tone for Your Guests

To begin your big day, you will need to choose the music for the “pre-ceremony”. The “pre-ceremony” is the time when all guests are seated and waiting for the wedding ceremony to begin. The music for this usually consists of classical or instrumental music to create a mellow romantic atmosphere. This part of your big day usually lasts about 30 to 45 minutes, giving everyone time for last minute adjustments and preparations.

Songs that are most popular for this time are instrumentals like Ave Maria or classical music like Bach’s Arioso. If you do not fall into the traditional side of wedding planning, then any of your favorite songs as an instrumental would suffice.

The Ceremony Songs: Your Personal Touch at the Moment of Truth

The next section of your perfect day is the wedding ceremony. The wedding ceremony is split into three different song choices. The first song choice you will need to think about is the processional music. This is the song that your wedding party walks out to. Depending on the size of your wedding party, this song should last between three to six minutes.

The next song to be played at your wedding will be the song the bride will walk down the aisle to. This song should be three to five minutes and can be cut to fit perfectly in the time the bride walks down the aisle to avoid any awkward moments of waiting for the song to end.

The next song is for the recession. The recession is at the end of your wedding ceremony when the bride, groom, and wedding party walk out. The recession should last three to eight minutes depending on the size of your wedding party. All of these songs are your choice and can be instrumentals or actual songs.

The Reception: Mix, Mingle, and Meal

Now on to your wedding reception music. This music is really supposed to set the flow and mood of how the rest of your night will go. The first part of the reception music should consist of mellow pop music so the guests can relax and enjoy refreshments. This part lasts about thirty to forty minutes to allow the wedding party to take pictures and the bride and groom to sign their wedding license.

After all the pictures have been taken and the legal side of the ceremony is done, the bride and groom are presented. The presentation is when the bride and groom are announced, enter the wedding reception and have their first dance. This can last about fifteen to twenty minutes so be sure to select a few songs that you love and will be meaningful to you and your new guests dancing outside

After this is dinner and cake! Upbeat pop and higher energy (celebratory) music should be played in the background as your guests enjoy their food and socialize. Your DJ can read the crowd and should be able to decipher the perfect songs to keep the mood lighter.

Dance Party: Time to Celebrate and Shake a Leg

The final part of your wedding day will be the latter part of your evening and reception when it is party time! This is the time to let loose and have a great time.

You should provide a genre list or song list to your DJ that lasts for the remainder of your night. These songs can be a mix of party music, slow songs, etc., to have people dance the night away. You will be able to dance, let loose and make the best memories.Wedding day music

Your wedding ceremony and reception music helps your guests have fun and maintain a light mood. Your DJ can read the crowd and play music to keep the mood alive. For any more details on how a wedding ceremony and reception should flow, see the image below. If you are looking to book the perfect venue, make sure you choose The Louisiana Cajun Mansion Event Venue. For more information on our all-inclusive wedding packages and the services we offer call 337-223-4722 or visit .

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