Vendor Spotlight: MC D’Wiz Wedding Reception Entertainment

Experienced Professional Wedding Reception Master of Ceremonies Included with Your All Inclusive Cajun Mansion Wedding Package

Music plays a huge role in our society and personal lives. It influences, attracts, and can even remind you of a certain memory forever! One thing that most people will remember from your wedding day is the music played. It will always be included in the fond memories you make on your big day, lasting a lifetime! We interviewed Dwayne Coots, also known as MC D’Wiz, to find out what he has to offer, how he can make your dream wedding absolutely perfect, and how music impacts your guests.

Q: What made you become a Master of Ceremonies?

A: Oh goodness. Well it was just a natural progression from being an on-air DJ at a local radio station, then a mobile DJ. That was fun, but being an MC is kind of like combining those other two professions. An MC basically does announcements, live reads, works the audience, and generally is responsible to keep the event moving and entertaining, as opposed to basic mobile DJs that just take requests and play the music.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: Like my promo line says, “Partying like it’s 1999 since 1999”; so at least 20 years. I’ve also been in multiple live bands through the years, but doing MC/DJ work has always been a part of it.

Q: What does MC D’Wiz stand for? Is there any special meaning?

A: It’s from a nickname my daughter gave me: “D’Wizzle”. I have no idea where she got that. My name is Dwayne so that became D’Wizzle and then D’Wiz. Lol

Q: What services should your clients expect at their event? What is in your job description?

A: First, we do intake. We have processes to gather the details we need from the client. The whole idea is to reduce their stress, since events are stressful to manage. Then once we have all the details, we can cater the song list and announcements. A lot of my clients are weddings and for those we also gather all the Memory Moments (like bouquet toss, garter throw, shoe game, etc) so we can coordinate the music, the wedding party and the photographer.

When we work with a wedding coordinator, we trade information with them so we both know the flow and schedule of the reception so the night is perfect for the couple and their families.

My main job is to conduct the reception to keep the music and event flowing according to the mood of the audience and the needs of the bosses (usually the wedding coordinator, the bride and her mother).

Q: Do you have a specific music genre you prefer to play? What’s your favorite?party

A: Not really. I prefer music that keeps people excited and talking or dancing. The best event means people had fun and the music became the soundtrack of their memories of the day. Usually line dances are popular after the food is served. My personal favorites include romantic music from artists like Michael Buble’, Smokey Robinson, etc.

Q: Do you play any music genre? Do you have any restrictions?

A: Oh yes I play any genre of music. I’ve done receptions for Latino families, Indian families, mixed culture weddings — you name it.

I generally resist playing anything with adult lyrics since receptions almost always have children in attendance. But luckily we have a clean radio edited version of just about any song.

Q: How far in advance should someone book your services for a large event such as a wedding?

A: We go out as far as two years, and as soon as a couple months ahead; but those close ones usually mean a conflict, so we have to pass on them. The sweet spot is one year in advance so you have a better chance of getting an open date for your venue and your MC. 🙂

Q: How do you handle communication with your clients, especially on the day of the event?

A: Before the event we coordinate by phone, text, instant message, and email. On the day of the event, I am easily accessible for the client. When I play a big venue with dedicated staff we use headset radios so we can speak in real time.

Q: When booking your services, what should your client expect to happen? What is your process for planning for an event?

A: First we confirm the date. Then I send them a “welcome” email that answers most of the common questions, and provides a secure form they can use to send deposits in. Also they get another form they can use to select the ceremony songs and memory moments. That really makes it super easy for them.

partyWe also invite the more hands-on clients to build their own Spotify playlist and share them with me so I can import it right into my production system. That allows the client to make some choices about their favorite songs.

Then about 30 days before the event the client gets another email from me to prompt them to send in their form if they have not yet. They always have my phone number in case they have any questions.

Q: Why do you love what you do?

A: I love romance and music and entertaining. My wife and I also do wedding ceremony officiating so it allows us to work together for some of the weddings I do. But no matter what, I’m a people pleaser personality and a bit of a ham so it’s a good gig for me now and into the future.

MC D’Wiz is a specialized vendor here at The Cajun Mansion Event Venue. He combines immeasurable professionalism with just the right amount of fun mixed in! To make your wedding the one of your dreams, start planning at For more information on MC D’Wiz visit

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