Top Ten Bridal Shower Themes for the Modern Bride

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woman in white long sleeve shirt sitting on brown wooden chairBring back memories with an Italian bridal shower theme. Dolce & Gabbana prints and classic Italian textiles will help pull together an elegant ensemble.

Give the bride-to-be an afternoon of indulgent pampering with a spa bridal shower! Create an experience she will treasure by offering massages, pedicures, and facials as part of an extravagant spa day for an enjoyable pampering session.

1. French Theme

French themes are timeless and sophisticated. Use the Chanel logo on desserts or add a perfume bar so your guests can create their own signature scents.

If the bride-to-be dreams of an exotic destination wedding, bring that destination closer with a tropical bridal shower. Pineapple centerpieces and flamingo accents add the perfect Pinterest-worthy decor. Delicate china teapot floral arrangements add whimsical charm.

2. Paris Theme

If the bride loves music, make her favorite songs the centerpiece of her bridal shower theme. Display LPs, notes, and lyrics and serve dishes related to musical compositions as food offerings.

Bring the drama of a musical to your party with feathered attire, fishnet pantyhose, and bold colors. A photo booth equipped with musical props would also make a welcome addition.

Bring her love of France alive with a romantic theme party! Use blush pink and gold decorations to set the mood, as well as French-themed foods for serving at her event.

3. Sports Theme

Sports is an engaging theme that brings guests together. You can add team bride and groom floaties, pineapple or coconut drinks, a watermelon keg, and much more!

This theme makes the ideal bridal shower theme if you have access to a beach, as you can play beach bingo, serve beach-inspired desserts and provide delicious seafood dishes as menu options.

4. Baking Themeshallow focus photography of cupcakes

As an option for the bride-to-be who enjoys baking, a baking-themed shower would make a wonderful party theme. Enjoy cake pops, cookies, and other sweet treats at your shower while playing Hershey’s Kisses Tic-Tac-Toe, or guess the candy contents of a jar as party favors.

Beach-themed bridal showers can be an engaging summer party idea. Use palm tree decorations and pineapple drink favors to give the event an exotic flair.

5. Kate Spade Theme

If the bride-to-be loves pink and floral patterns, this feminine bridal shower theme may be her dream come true. Delicate china, teapot floral arrangements, and subtle references to Alice in Wonderland create an enchanting party setting.

Feature the musicians she loves by hanging notes or LPs from them on the walls, playing her music while serving dishes containing lyrics of her songs, etc.

6. Wine Theme

Wine lovers would find the ideal bridal shower theme a wine-themed one! You can incorporate grape-themed decor or use bottle tops and corks as decorations on tables.

Blind wine tasting can be an exciting game! Or try playing wedding-related charades, or even the timeless “Don’t Say Baby!” challenge!

woman selling inside store during daytime7. Food Truck Theme

Brides who enjoy food may appreciate this bridal shower theme. It allows guests to sample new foods together.

Your guests may bring food truck gift cards for an added surprise! Additionally, you could also pass out themed favors.

Painting can be an enjoyable and creative activity to enjoy together as a group. Make the event more wedding-centric by creating cards for everyone to act out the scenes from.

8. New Drink Theme

Try hosting an unconventional bridal shower theme to suit a bride who stands out. Perhaps oldies but goodies is more your speed or perhaps throw her back to the 70s with flannel fabrics and evergreen decor?

If the bride attributes the success of her relationship to having compatible zodiac signs, consider hosting a celestial-themed bridal shower. Serve cocktails in coconuts and pineapples to keep with the theme!

9. Food Trucks

If the bride enjoys eating out, this theme will delight both her and her friends. Arrange an impressive street food festival featuring different vendors serving delectable treats that everyone will be sure to love.

If your lady enjoys watching Downton Abbey, a themed party with costumes and music would make a perfect surprise! Be sure to add special touches like Tiffany blue bags or decorations as additional surprises for an unforgettable event.

10. Karaoke

Organize a Karaoke bridal shower! Make sure there is an interactive screen playing karaoke videos and ensure there are ample microphones in the room!

This theme is perfect for women who adore Coco Chanel and her sophisticated and seductive fashion sense. Use a black-and-pink color palette, and Chanel logo cookies as party favors, or host a perfume bar as party amenities to complete this perfect experience!

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