Things You Should Not Include In Your Wedding Registry

Avoid awkward moments by excluding these items from your wedding registry.
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gifts, gift registry, gift tableOne of the most fun parts of wedding planning is making your wedding gift registry! Whether you want to include multiple retailers or just make one registry with one exclusive store, there are some things that should be avoided. When it comes to wedding gifts, there are not too many mandatory rules on etiquette. Read on for what you should not include in your wedding registry so you can avoid any awkward or tacky moments.

One of the first things you should not include in your wedding registry are items you plan on using at your wedding. These items can include décor items, favors, dinnerware, etc. By including these items on your registry, you are not only ruining the element of surprise when guests see the items on your registry, but there is absolutely no guarantee that you will receive said items in time for the big day. Including wedding items in your wedding registry also gives the impression that your guests are paying for your wedding, which is definitely not appropriate, or a proper etiquette move. Stay away from any décor items you want to use in your wedding to avoid this awkward moment.

The next thing you should avoid adding to your wedding registry are gifts you plan on returning. I know, it seems silly that people would add things they purposefully want to return but it happens! Sometimes in an effort to have more gifts on a registry, a wedding couple might add gifts they have no intention of keeping so that all of their guests have something to buy. Couples with especially large guest lists are more commonly doing this. After the bridal shower or wedding the couple will return the items to receive store credit, gift cards, or even get cash back. While this may seem like a smart move, returning gifts can be a pain but it is also very improper and quite frankly rude. Your guests want to purchase you items that you will actually enjoy. They are spending their money on a nice gift for you, so if you plan on returning an item just avoid adding it to your registry. Try a honeymoon fund or a cash registry in addition to a small gift registry if you would rather money over gifts.

If you plan on registering at multiple retailers, be mindful of what you are registering for at each different one. It is actually recommended to register at multiple different retailers because some guests may be more comfortable with certain stores, and it also gives you a bigger selection of items to choose from. If you register for the same item from two different retailers, you will more than likely receive them both and have to return one. Having to return gifts can definitely be time-consuming, extremely annoying and especially frustrating. When registering at multiple different retailers, try to create distinct registries at each so you can remember what items you have already registered for. For example, register for kitchenware and dinnerware at one retailer and bedding and bath items at another. This makes it easier for you to remember and also reduces your chances of receiving multiples of the same gift.

When making your wedding registry you should not include too many expensive items. Though it is totally okay to register for a few expensive items, like furniture or luggage, because this gives your guests the option of purchasing these items as a group. However, if the entirety of your wedding gift registry features items that a single person or even a couple cannot usually afford, you are going to have some annoyed guests on your hands. To avoid this, you should register for items at varying price points so that everyone on your guest list can find an appropriate gift that fits their budget. This makes it less awkward for those who are unable to afford such extravagant gifts.

Making your wedding gift registry should be a fun and happy experience. You are going to want to avoid doing inappropriate things like having only expensive gifts or including items you plan on using on your big day. Be sure to register for things you plan on actually using and include a variety of price points, so all guests have a chance to get you a wedding gift. If you have an excessively large wedding guest list, you can specify that you will accept money and/or gift cards. Avoid frustrating your guests and let them have options. Remember this is all about you and your future spouse, so just be sure to have fun!

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