Things the Groom’s Parents Should Do

What are the responsibilities of the parents of the groom?
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When wedding planning everything can seem to be the bride and her family’s responsibility but that is far from the truth! Yes, the bulk of wedding planning and budgeting is up to the bride and her family because they are the ones who are picking up the bill. When it comes to the groom and his parents, what are they responsible for? Read on for things the groom’s parents should do and how they can help out with their son’s wedding.

The first way the groom’s parents can help with the wedding planning is by contributing to the guest list. There are a ton of friends and family members to go through and organize as the guest list comes together, and the groom’s parents should be a part of the sometimes lengthy process. This happens to be true if they are paying for or helping to pay for the wedding. Traditionally, they are usually allowed to invite a certain number of guests. They should provide the bride and groom with the mailing addresses of any friends or relatives who are being invited to the celebration and who the bride approved to be put on the list. They should also assist with following up with guests who do not RSVP on time to help carry some of the weight of responsibility.
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The second thing the groom’s parents should help out with is hosting the rehearsal dinner. Traditionally, the groom’s parents are the ones to plan and host the rehearsal dinner. They are usually also responsible for hosting any other welcome parties for the rest of the guests. They may want to utilize the couple’s wedding planner to help with the event, or they can choose to plan it all on their own. The rehearsal dinner itself can be as formal or casual as the groom’s parents would like it to be. With that being said, it should also tie in with the wedding’s theme in some way.
groom reading brides noteAnother way the groom’s parents can help with their son’s wedding is by walking down the aisle. If all else fails, this is their main responsibility. To show support and love for their son and future daughter-in-law, they should make it a point to be present and on time for the wedding. They should dress accordingly in tasteful attire and show nothing but kindness and love to everyone on the big day.
The last thing that the groom’s parents can help out with is the bill, only if they want to or are able. Traditionally, the bride’s parents are completely responsible for paying for everything that has to do with their daughter’s wedding. Sometimes the groom’s parents pay for the officiant fees, the marriage license, the bride’s bouquet, boutonnieres, and corsages for immediate family members, the liquor, entertainment, and sometimes even the honeymoon! Of course, budgets are now handled in a multitude of different ways, so the breakdown of expenses can widely vary. Now it is becoming more common for the bride and groom to pay for all of the above themselves.groom standing outside on wedding day
Wedding planning can be hectic and seem unending but when you have as much help as you can get, it may not seem like such a hassle. The groom’s parents can help out with the guest list, hosting the rehearsal dinner and just being there to show support for your union as one. They can also help out by helping you book the perfect wedding venue. The Louisiana Cajun Mansion Event Venue is the absolutely perfect place to say your vows and marry the love of your life. Call 337-223-4722 or visit to view our all-inclusive wedding packages that can be made to fit your perfect day.

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