The Ultimate Mother of the Bride Wedding Day Checklist

It's Daughter's Big Day! Make it Easy with this Checklist of Wedding Day Items.
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bride, wedding, motherIf your daughter is getting married and you are on the verge of panic mode wondering what you should do, listen up!

As the mother of the bride, do you know what your responsibilities are? Your role on your daughter’s wedding day is critical to it being absolutely perfect. Read on for our mother-of-the-bride wedding day checklist to make sure your daughter’s perfect day goes off without a hitch.

Being a Point of Contact

As the mother of the bride, you should take on most responsibilities on your daughter’s wedding day. This includes acting as a point of contact between the bride and the vendors. If a vendor has any questions or concerns, you should take on the role of the “acting commander” so to speak. Instead of bothering and adding more stress to the beautiful bride, you should take care of these minor problems or inconveniences before your daughter even becomes aware of their existence! This is a major role you should play to help the bride relax and enjoy her perfect day.

Being the Bride’s Second Pair of Eyes

Being the bride’s second pair of eyes means looking at all the details, large and minor, to ensure everything is perfect. The bride will have enough on her plate to make sure she is perfect for her soulmate, helping her in this case will lift some weight off of her shoulders! You can be sure to go over all the details of the wedding like the decorations, catering, photography, and even the wedding party. Making sure every aspect of her wedding is just the way she wants is a huge responsibility, but so extremely worth it. Ensuring the bride is stress-free and happy on her wedding day makes her perfect day even sweeter.

Running Last Minute Errands

Ensuring everything runs smoothly implies that you will be making sure everything is in order. If something is lost or forgotten, it is your responsibility to fix those problems. Did the bride forget her lipstick? Did one of the bridesmaids lose a part of their outfit? You should be the one to make sure these problems get solved! You may need to run to the store, help finish up decorating, and even help the wedding party get ready. Your main priority should be that the bride is relaxed and not let her worry about minor details because you are there to take care of them!

Being the Perfect Hostess

Being the mother of the bride entails being the perfect hostess. When guests start arriving, you should be greeting them and help them to their seats if need be. You should make sure the guests are comfortable and aware of when the wedding should be starting and ask if they need anything in the meantime. Make sure you are available to help anyone who needs it and when the wedding is about to start, find your place at the front and watch your beautiful daughter walk down the aisle and marry her soul mate!

Making Sure the Bride is Ready to Go

Helping your daughter with her wedding dress and making sure she is perfect for her wedding ceremony is a very intimate time for the two of you. It is very special because it promotes an even closer bond between you. It is a symbol of preparing her for the rest of her life with her soulmate. Almost like the sweetest goodbye to her dependence on you, placing that on her soon-to-be spouse. Only tears of joy, mama!

Be Your Daughter’s Support System

Your daughter’s wedding day can be overwhelming for her. You should be her shoulder to cry on or someone to vent to when she starts to become emotional. Remind her this is her day, and she is so loved! Support her by being there to listen and guide her. Make her day perfect by helping her navigate all of these overwhelming feelings and reminding her that she is supported.

As the mother of the bride, you have some of the greatest responsibilities of making sure your daughter’s wedding day runs smoothly. It may be a little stressful, but it will be so worth it knowing your daughter is happy and stress-free on her perfect day. Give your daughter the gift of having the wedding of her dreams by following these guidelines and ensuring everything is perfect, down to the last detail.

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