Save Time and Money with an Intimate Elopement

Intimate Elopements are the New Trend | Louisiana Cajun Mansion Event Venue
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One of the best ways to make your wedding day more like a celebration than a burden is to keep it small. An intimate wedding is usually small with only your tight-knit group of family and friends. This lets the bride and groom fully enjoy their big day without having the stress of entertaining countless guests.

Also, when you plan an intimate wedding at the mansion, the couple gets countless opportunities to explore unusual and unique venues, express personal tastes, and fully control every detail of their wedding day.
For most couples, the true essence of freedom comes from planning a personalized and small wedding at a mansion. It is also a great idea to save a good amount of time as well as money. So, the first thing that you must consider as you plan an intimate wedding at the mansion is the setting.

Select an Intimate Venue

You don’t need a large hotel ballroom, huge tented patios, or overused event halls to gather hundreds of people. When you plan an intimate wedding with a small list of guests, you can get limitless venue options. The best is to go with the mansion with discounted wedding packages and amenities.

Considering a bed and breakfast as the destination for your wedding is a unique choice. It is the most memorable and properly sized venue to celebrate the biggest day of your life.

Try to Make a Destination Wedding

One of the best ways to have an intimate, time and cost saving wedding is by arranging it away from your house. This will also shrink your guest list to the closest family and friends, who are more than willing to reach your wedding destination. When you plan a destination wedding, it is not only unique and different from traditional weddings but it also offers families, couples and your friends a great opportunity to travel together. This also gives them a chance to spend a wonderful weekend in a distant place.bridge and groom kissing

Pay Full Attention to the Details

Never mistake a small wedding for a simple one. When you plan your wedding by availing of one of the most amazing discounted wedding packages, like those offered by Louisiana Cajun Mansion Bed and Breakfast, you get exceptional, all-inclusive wedding services for both your reception and ceremony.

When you plan your wedding at this elegant and beautiful mansion, you can easily accommodate hundreds of guests in a fully decorative venue. From the moment the bride and guests arrive at the B&B until the following morning, everything is done according to your big-day celebration plans.

Also, you can plan both outdoor and indoor receptions and weddings. You can plan every single detail and work with the complimentary event planner and coordinator to do everything you need.

Conclusively, an intimate B&B elopement is a unique trend. It saves a great amount of time and money and offers more specially designed amenities than offered by other expensive hotels.

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