Practical Tips for Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Hiring the Right Photographer to Capture the Memories of a Lifetime

shallow focus photography of man using a DSLR cameraYour wedding day is one of the greatest days of your life. When thinking back to these beautiful memories, wouldn’t it be beneficial to have pictures to help you remember the exact details? Choosing a wedding photographer can be nerve-wracking, but with these tips, you are sure to find the perfect one for you! Read on for practical tips for choosing the perfect wedding photographer!

When choosing a wedding photographer, you should definitely do your research! Ask your friends for recommendations! Ask your wedding venue for their vendor list, they will usually have suggested wedding photographers to choose from. Look to see if your prospects have social media. If so, look at the albums they have of weddings they have taken pictures of. Look for ratings, and personal stories, or even just call and ask to set up a meeting!

Interview the Photographer

An interview can be a real advantage in choosing someone you can trust to capture all of those special moments at your wedding. Interviewing multiple photographers will help guide you to choosing the perfect person for the job! In the interview, you should get to know the photographer. Are they personable and trustworthy? Do they show initiative and understanding of what you want? Make sure they have a clear understanding of your needs and expectations, they are there to help you capture memories of your perfect day!

Budgeting for the Best Photographer (Your) Money Can Buy

A major topic that should be included in your interview is your budget and expectations. If you have a specific budget to work with, can they make what you want to happen? What can they offer you based on your budget? These are very important questions to ask. You should both have a very clear understanding of what is included in your photography package. You should also feel that you are getting what you are paying for!

While speaking to a photographer, you should ask to see previous work they have done. Do you like the way they edit photos? Do you like the focal points of their photos? Do they have all of the specific shots of a wedding that should be taken? These are all very important points to take into account. You are trusting this person to take pictures of important details you will always want to remember!

Doing a Theme Wedding? Better Let the Photographer know!

If your wedding has a certain theme or style it is extremely important to convey this to your photographer. Are they familiar with this style? Do they have recommendations on ways to capture the essence of your wedding? Are they interested in this style or theme? If your photographer is not familiar with or does not care for this type of wedding, you should find someone who will take care of or even has experience with the chosen style of your wedding!

Another aspect you should take into consideration is details such as lighting and editing. Do you have lighting preferences? Would you rather have a dark, neutral, or bright perspective? Can they make recommendations to help make your photos the best they can be? Ask about different editing styles as well, do they have one specific style or multiple? Can they offer what you expect? Going over these specific details will help your wedding photographer determine the best outcome for your wedding pictures!

Does your photographer have a shot list? A shot list is a list they look to for a guide of specific shots to take. Special moments like the bride walking down the aisle, the exchanging of the rings, the kiss, and the first dance. Do you have specific shots you want more than anything?

Intimate Shoots are All the Ragebride and groom holding baby under arch

Are you wanting group photos or just intimate photos between you and your soul mate? These are all a part of those expectations that your photographer should fulfill!

Putting it All Together – The Deliverables

One of the last questions you should ask your wedding photographer is when should you expect your edited wedding photos. Can they provide a timeline to give you an idea of the wait time you have? Having a set timeline will help keep your expectations top priority. A timeline will also help you cope with the anticipation of receiving your wedding photos! As they say, patience is a virtue!

A wedding photographer should be trustworthy, personable, and definitely reliable! Make sure you research, conduct interviews, and set your expectations so there is no confusion! Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life, why not make it more memorable with incredible pictures? Choose the perfect person to help capture all of those perfectly sweet moments!

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