Popular Wedding Styles

Which wedding style best fits you?
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Wedding planning can seem like a difficult task but when you have an idea in your head of what you are looking for, it makes it so much easier. Your wedding day should reflect you and your soulmate’s aesthetic. Your theme and wedding style should feel like the perfect fit for you. How do you pick your wedding style? What kind of styles are there? Continue reading for multiple examples of popular wedding styles and how to know if they are perfect for you!

One of the most popular wedding styles is classic. This is what immediately pops into your mind when you think of weddings. It is romance and elegance put into one. The pro of the classic style of wedding would be the pretty easy guidelines to follow. The con would be that many others have weddings just like it, that is why adding your own special little flair and touch to your wedding is essential! If you want a simple yet lovely ceremony that does not steer from the traditional, the classic wedding style is definitely for you.
Another popular wedding style is rustic. Rustic is a laid-back, more versatile wedding style. Rustic is made up of a lot of beautiful do-it-yourself crafts and can be made to be extremely elegant. You can have your rustic wedding set in the forest, garden, old barn, etc. This wedding style is perfect for those who love the outdoors and love an earthy presence. The only con to this wedding style would be that if you wanted a more formal wedding, rustic may not be the perfect fit.
Recently, more and more couples have chosen the modern minimalist wedding style. This wedding style is for a couple who have a sleek and specific taste. The beauty of this wedding style is that you can have your wedding anywhere. To fit the style, open spaces or buildings with simple architecture would suffice. The pro of this wedding is you can cut costs with minimal wedding decorations. The only con would be finding a venue that is suitable for your needs. If you and your future spouse believe less is more, the modern minimalist wedding style is the perfect fit for you!
rustic weddings, wedding styles, wedding style trendsAnother popular wedding style is seasonal. The seasonal wedding style gets its inspiration from the outdoors. Depending on your favorite season, this may be a great fit! For example, if fall is your favorite season, having a fall wedding would be amazing. Decorations resonating with the fall season, like orange and red leaves, pumpkins, etc make all the difference. The pro is you could have an outdoor wedding and have the perfect (and free) decorations. The con would be that if you wanted specific wedding colors that are not fall inspired it may make it hard to incorporate them.
If you are more adventurous and love the beach, then a beach wedding style would be the best fit for you. Beach style weddings are more laid back and perfect for couples with a smaller guest list. Your venue can be a beautiful beach or even a venue overlooking the ocean. Beach style weddings are much more casual and give your guests the chance to relax and enjoy themselves. The only con is that you do not want to invite too many guests because beach venues are limited on space and may not have the room to support a large guest list. If you have a smaller guest list, want a more laid-back ceremony, love the beach and love the salty air then a beach style wedding is absolutely perfect for you.
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