Planning Your Perfect Elopement Getaway

Create an Unforgettable Romantic Elopement Getaway at Cajun Mansion Near Lafayette La
bride and groom cutting their wedding cake after elopement

Bride and Groom walking back down aisle after elopementAre you planning your wedding and realizing that you do not want an enormous celebration? Would you rather have intimacy and not the hustle and bustle of a huge wedding with all the stress that comes with it? If you are looking for a small wedding with just you, your future spouse, and maybe even a couple of your family and friends, an elopement at The Cajun Mansion Event Venue sounds like the perfect fit for you!

With an elopement, you can plan a multiple-day event. While saving money on the ceremony itself, you can indulge more in not only quality time but intimacy with your soul mate! Not having to rush back to your everyday lives, even as a married couple, will make the occasion even sweeter! So instead of having the best day of your life, why not expand it to three? At The Cajun Mansion Event Venue, you can plan the perfect three-day elopement and even include a mini honeymoon!

Not Just an Elopement – A Celebration of Your Love

How can you make a three-day elopement? Well, with ease you can schedule your perfect getaway with your significant other! Book luxury suites at The Louisiana Cajun Mansion Bed and Breakfast for three nights. Arrive the day before your wedding and spend your day worry-free with the love of your life! Relax and spend the day getting couples massages, or even having a romantic dinner and end the night with a midnight swim! Make your stay extra special with add-ins like chocolate-covered strawberries, and even romantic rose petals. With all of these options, you are sure to plan your special, one-of-a-kind getaway!

After a night of relaxation, it is your wedding day! At The Cajun Mansion Event Venue, planning your elopement is hassle-free! With packages to choose from, you will be able to have the intimate wedding of your dreams.

When planning for an elopement, you need to decide if you want just you and your significant other to attend, or if you want your closest family and friends there too. The flowers, decorations and officiant are all included in each package. You can also easily personalize your elopement and add upgrades like videography, photography, and music! After having your perfectly intimate ceremony, spend the night snuggled up and celebrate, you are now married!

Combine Your Elopement with a Mini Honeymoonbride and her parents before elopement begins

Now onto your mini honeymoon! The next day, wake up to breakfast in bed if you would like! Spend the day together by going to nearby must-sees like the Tabasco plant, Jungle Gardens, or Jefferson Island. Maybe even go on a Cajun food tour! There is also plenty going on in the nightlife scene. Nightclubs like Scandals Nightclub have events and live music frequently! Or you could even spend the evening having an intimate dinner as newlyweds at Romacelli! You can visit the Louisiana Cajun Mansion Bed and Breakfast website for attractions and tours!

When you retire back to bed and breakfast, make sure you enjoy your last night by taking a midnight swim or just enjoying each other’s company with chilled champagne! There are also packages including a decadent appetizer tray and even a dozen red roses! Make the most out of your stay with the love of your life with these amazingly romantic add-ons and packages with your room. You will not regret it! You will have a one-of-a-kind, forever-memorable getaway!

romantic dinnerYour Perfect Romantic Elopement Getaway is Right Here in Youngsville, LA

It IS possible to have an affordable three-day elopement with a mini honeymoon! At The Cajun Mansion Event Venue, you can plan the elopement of your dreams, your perfect honeymoon, and the getaway you will never forget. You will cherish these memories forever, so why not make them on the same trip?

Visit The Cajun Event Venue for more information of elopement packages and make your dreams come true!

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