Plan Your Amazing 3-Day Intimate Wedding

Read on for tips on how to plan your amazing three-day intimate wedding at The Cajun Mansion Event Venue!
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sparklersWhen planning the perfect wedding three things you strive for are extravagance, elegance, and convenience. How can you obtain all three of these qualities? By planning the most luxurious three-day intimate wedding of your dreams and reserving the entire venue for the day before, the day of, and the day after your wedding.

At The Cajun Mansion Event Venue, we call this a layover. Not only do we ensure these qualities but we also ensure perfection! Read on for tips on how to plan your amazing three-day intimate wedding at The Cajun Mansion Event Venue!

Day One: Relaxing Stress-Free Wedding Prep & Rehearsal

To begin, you should book a three night stay at The Louisiana Cajun Mansion Bed and Breakfast. For the first day of the most important days of your life, you should spend it by relaxing and checking over last minute preparations for your wedding. You can spend the day with your future spouse by getting a couple’s massage or even just relaxing on the patio.

At The Louisiana Cajun Mansion Bed and Breakfast, we offer many intimate packages including chocolate covered strawberries, champagne, massages, and more! Maybe spend time talking to your spouse about how excited you are and what the future holds. Just relax and remember, this is all about you and the love of your life!

By the end of the day, it should be time for your wedding rehearsal. Your wedding rehearsal will include the family and friends that are dearest to you and are your wedding participants. You will all rehearse how your wedding will take place to ensure it runs smoothly! After the rehearsal you can have a catered dinner with your wedding participants and spend this time together really enjoying yourselves and making memories that will last a lifetime. After dinner, you and your better half can retire to your accommodations and get some rest. Your wedding is tomorrow!

Day Two: The BIG Day!bride, wedding, mother

The second day you reserved should be your wedding day. You will be able to take your time and get ready and do everything you need to in order to make sure everything is in place and perfect.

Your professional wedding coordinatorwill handle any mishaps and keep you updated on anything that you should be informed of. They will remove any stress so you can enjoy your wedding day to the fullest!

You will be able to walk down that aisle and marry your best friend. Then you get to have a great time and party at your reception with the people most important to you! Then you and your spouse can now relax and spend the rest of your wedding night enjoying each other’s company, how perfect!

Day Three: Luxuriate – Relax – Celebrate Your Love!

For your last day, you can enjoy the multiple packages that The Louisiana Cajun Mansion Bed and Breakfast offers. You and your spouse can even go out and find some local restaurants and events to go to. You are newly weds, enjoy your mini honeymoon by basking in each other’s presence and celebrating your new life together! Maybe have an intimate dinner at The Louisiana Cajun Mansion Bed and Breakfast and go for a night time swim. For the remainder of the last evening of your stay, enjoy intimate bliss with one another. Create memories you will never forget! In the morning, you will be able to enjoy a delicious complimentary breakfast and start your lives as newly weds officially. Does it get anymore perfect than that?

To obtain elegance, extravagance and most of all convenience for your wedding day, you should consider planning a three-day layover wedding. At The Cajun Mansion Event Venue, we strive to offer perfection and luxury for all of our clients. Convenience and luxury are not words often used together, but at The Cajun Mansion Event Venue, we believe it is a necessity. To start planning your perfect three-day intimate wedding visit


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