Old-School Wedding Etiquette Rules It’s OK to Ditch—Plus, the Non-Negotiables: Modern Celebrations at Cajun Mansion

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Planning your wedding should be about celebrating your unique love story, not being bound by outdated traditions. Your special day is an opportunity to showcase who you are as a couple, focusing on what makes your relationship distinct and meaningful. It’s time to infuse your celebration with elements that truly represent you, rather than feeling constrained by conventional expectations.

At Cajun Mansion, we embrace the idea of breaking a few old-school etiquette rules to create a wedding that genuinely reflects your personality and style. We believe that your wedding should be a personal expression, and we’re here to help you make choices that feel right for you. However, we also recognize the value of certain traditions that have stood the test of time, adding a sense of continuity and charm to your celebration.

Finding the perfect balance between tradition and innovation can make your wedding truly special. By blending timeless customs with modern touches, you can create a unique and memorable event that honors both your heritage and your individuality. At Cajun Mansion, we’re excited to help you craft a wedding that celebrates your love story in a way that’s as unique as you are.

Old-School Rules You Can Ditch

Bride with bridesmaids outdoors1. Inviting Everyone You Know

   – Break the Rule: Feel free to keep your guest list intimate and meaningful. Focus on inviting those who genuinely matter to you and your partner.

   – Cajun Mansion Tip: Our venue offers versatile spaces perfect for both large gatherings and intimate celebrations, allowing you to tailor your guest list to your comfort level.

2. Matching Bridesmaids’ Dresses

   – Break the Rule: Embrace individuality by allowing your bridesmaids to choose their own dresses within a specific color palette or style.

   – Cajun Mansion Tip: Our stunning backdrop complements any style, making mix-and-match attire a visually cohesive and charming choice.

3. Traditional Wedding Vows

   – Break the Rule: Write your own vows to add a personal touch to your ceremony, making it more heartfelt and unique.

   – Cajun Mansion Tip: Our ceremony spaces provide an intimate setting where your personal vows will resonate beautifully with your guests.

4. Formal Sit-Down Dinner

   – Break the Rule: Opt for a buffet, food stations, or even a cocktail-style reception to create a more relaxed and interactive dining experience.

   – Cajun Mansion Tip: Our culinary team can craft a variety of dining options to match your vision, ensuring your guests enjoy a memorable meal.

Original wedding floral decoration, mini-vases and bouquets of flowers hanging from the chair5. Assigned Seating

   – Break the Rule: Let your guests choose their own seats to encourage mingling and a more laid-back atmosphere.

   – Cajun Mansion Tip: With our versatile reception areas, you can create a welcoming environment that feels both organized and flexible.

6. All-White Wedding Dress

   – Break the Rule: Wear whatever makes you feel beautiful, whether it’s a colorful gown, a sleek suit, or a non-traditional ensemble.

   – Cajun Mansion Tip: Our venue’s picturesque setting provides a stunning backdrop for any attire choice, allowing your personality to shine.

7. Traditional Wedding Cake

   – Break the Rule: Serve your favorite dessert instead of a classic wedding cake. Think cupcakes, pies, or even a dessert bar.

  – Cajun Mansion Tip: Our catering team can help you create a dessert experience that delights your guests and reflects your sweet preferences.

The Non-Negotiables

1. Sending Invitations in Advance

   – Keep the Tradition: Send your wedding invitations at least 6-8 weeks before the big day to give your guests ample time to RSVP and plan.

   – Cajun Mansion Tip: Our coordinators can assist with designing and sending out beautiful invitations that capture the essence of your celebration.

2. Thank-You Notes

   – Keep the Tradition: Always send thank-you notes to your guests and vendors to express your gratitude for their presence and contributions.

   – Cajun Mansion Tip: We can help you craft heartfelt thank-you notes that leave a lasting impression.

3. Respecting Guest Comfort

   – Keep the Tradition: Ensure your guests are comfortable and well taken care of, from seating arrangements to dietary needs.

   – Cajun Mansion Tip: Our team will work with you to create a seamless experience for your guests, ensuring everyone feels welcomed and comfortable.

4. Clear Communication

   – Keep the Tradition: Communicate clearly with your vendors and guests to ensure everyone is on the same page.

   – Cajun Mansion Tip: We facilitate smooth communication between you and your vendors, making sure all details are managed effectively.

5. Professional Photography

   – Keep the Tradition: Invest in a professional photographer to capture the special moments of your day.

   – Cajun Mansion Tip: Our stunning venue provides countless photo opportunities that will help you create lasting memories.


At Cajun Mansion, we believe your wedding should reflect your personal style and values. Embrace the freedom to break old-school etiquette rules while honoring timeless traditions that enhance your celebration.

 Let our team help you create a wedding that’s uniquely yours, blending modern touches with classic elegance. Celebrate your love story with us, and make every moment unforgettable.

Make your wedding day extraordinary with Cajun Mansion Event Venue. Explore our all-inclusive wedding packages or visit our gallery for more details and inspiration.

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