Live Streaming Video Weddings at the Mansion

Let our professionals live stream your wedding ceremony to family and guests who can't attend.
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Due to COVID-19, recently wedding guests have had concerns on whether or not they should attend weddings and receptions they are invited to. Phase Two guidelines saying no more than gatherings of 50 are permitted can make you nervous, especially if you planned a huge wedding with an enormous guest list. The possibility of wedding guests missing your wedding can be nerve-wracking and heartbreaking. What if you could avoid this stressful situation? Read on for our perfect solution!

Are your guests concerned about social distancing? Do you have out-of-state relatives that are unable to travel to your wedding? The Louisiana Cajun Mansion Event Venue now offers the perfect solution! We now offer live-streaming ceremony videography. How does this affect you or your wedding? Well, it ensures that your guests, whether they are able to make it to your wedding or not, can enjoy your ceremony! But how is this possible?virtual
We wanted to be able to allow our brides to invite everyone on their guest list without disregarding the Phase Two guidelines. To help accommodate guests concerned with social distancing, we can show live footage in what we like to call an “overflow area”. Our overflow area is outside and shows a screen with live footage of the wedding ceremony. This allows all guests that are unable to be inside the venue because of the guidelines to still be able to watch and enjoy the wedding ceremony. Live video streaming is extremely convenient and helps your guests follow social distancing guidelines without missing out on all the fun.
Another way video streaming can help you is by making sure any and all out-of-state relatives can be included on your wedding day. We can provide live private streams to multiple guests on any device, anywhere in the world! Since we are able to stream to out-of-state relatives, you can now make sure any guests unable to attend your wedding due to illness or any other reason can now watch your wedding. Even though they are unable to attend your wedding ceremony physically, it still would mean the world to both of you if they were able to watch it. A great example of this is if you have a grandparent in a nursing home who is unable to attend, you can make sure they don’t miss your wedding by live streaming your wedding. Here are our videography packages!
Live Professional HD Ceremony Videography Packages:
1 – Overflow Area Viewing Package
Due to public health concerns, some guests may not feel comfortable seated in the main ceremony area. In this situation, an overflow room or climate-controlled event tent can allow for overflow seating.
With our Live Closed Circuit Ceremony Viewing service, a professional videographer will video the bridal party procession, the ceremony, and the recession in live high-definition, and stream it directly to the overflow area for real-time viewing on a large HD monitor.
2 – Live HD Internet Streaming to Private Viewing Site
For guests who cannot attend the wedding, we offer a live HD video streaming package that will capture the bridal party procession, the ceremony, and the recession in live high-definition, and stream it directly to a private invitation-only website where they can view it on any mobile device or desktop computer.
Hosted Video Option: We can also package and provide a cloud copy of the ceremony to Youtube or our Private Cloud for an additional fee.
outside wedding ceremony in front of trellis3 – Ceremony Keepsake DVD Add-On
If you upgrade to either or both of our ceremony video packages, you can add a professionally produced HD DVD copy of the video mailed to you as a permanent keepsake of your big moment.
Make sure all of your guests are accommodated, whether they are practicing social distancing or are unable to attend your wedding, by live video streaming your ceremony! You can have a DVD keepsake, stream to an overflow area, or live stream your wedding for those sick or out-of-town guests. All of your guests will be relieved they have the option to watch your wedding, especially if they are unable to attend. For more information on our live videography packages and how you can plan your perfect wedding ceremony visit or call 337-223-4722.

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