Inclusive Baby Showers Celebrating All Kinds of Families

bridal shower welcome table with bear and balloons

blush color table decor for bridal showerBaby showers were historically women-only events. Today, however, more and more couples are choosing coed showers to celebrate their new families.

Engage guests in an easy and entertaining activity by having them guess the age of the mother-to-be from pictures taken over time. Whoever guesses correctly will win an attractive prize!

Buffet-style menus are an effective way to keep costs under control and give guests ample opportunity to sample various foods, making this type of gathering the ideal way for people with food allergies or restrictions to sample many different options. They’re also an ideal way to accommodate guests with food restrictions.


Coed baby showers are an enjoyable way to gather friends and family together to commemorate a couple’s pregnancy in an inclusive setting. Making small modifications in games, food, and decorations is simple enough that any coed baby shower will feel welcoming for men as well as women attending.

Offer a range of beverages to accommodate both non-drinkers and drinkers alike, or try hosting an adult-oriented BBQ or luau complete with tiki torches! Or if the mom-to-be is an avid reader, opt for an intimate literary theme by asking guests to bring along books as presents for her!

As another enjoyable game, give each guest a diaper pin or clothespin and instruct them not to say the word “baby” before gifts are opened. If someone else says the forbidden word before opening gifts, their pin could be stolen if someone else says it instead – and the one with the most remaining pins wins!


Many couples desire to include male friends and family members in their baby shower celebration, either through coed baby showers or man showers that feature male-centric activities like sports challenges or beer-in-baby-bottle drinking races.

Before making plans, it is wise to discuss this change of tradition with both of the parents-to-be. They may have elderly relatives who might feel uneasy with an all-female baby shower; therefore, it would be prudent to contact them first before moving forward with any plans.

An invitation for a coed baby shower must include details about its date, time, and place as well as whether guests should bring gifts or not. Some families opt to create an online registry so their loved ones can contribute online as well.


Adoptive parents may decide to celebrate the birth of their new child by throwing a baby shower. Or they might host a coed party. But it is important to keep in mind that this may not be appropriate for every family.

Some adoptive families stay in contact with the birth parents of their adopted children and celebrate adoption events without physically including them in celebrations. Such families typically want to honor birth parents during celebrations by honoring them, even if it means not participating themselves.

“Baby Pong,” an exciting coed party game that uses plastic babies instead of beer pong balls, can provide hours of amusing entertainment at any event. Players take turns moving the babies from A to B through all obstacles without speaking the word “Baby,” with the fastest route through winning!


Baby showers don’t just need to celebrate an expectant mother; they can also celebrate same-sex couples expecting via adoption or surrogacy – often known as “baby sprinkles.” Both options can be just as entertaining.

If the parents-to-be are using surrogacy, make sure you include this fact in their party invitations or decorations; this will let guests know how best to address gifts and other details related to this milestone in their lives.

One enjoyable way of including fathers in the festivities is by hosting a game in which they work as a team to identify songs with “baby” in the title; the winning team receives a prize! You could even host an online surrogate baby shower for a mom-to-be who lives far away!


Co-ed baby showers are an exciting way to welcome a new addition into any family and should include guests from both sides – including friends and family from both sides as well as any particular individuals that the expectant couple wishes to invite. When creating the guest list for such an event, be sure to consider who might want to attend as well as any preferences from them regarding who should come.

Create an inviting party environment by decorating with colorful balloons and using them as a photo booth backdrop. Plan fun and easy games appropriate for both men and women, consider serving a buffet instead of individual dishes, to make managing and attending more manageable and convenient, and give each guest a small favor basket full of tea/coffee mugs or something themed like cooking supplies as favors – as this will create an atmosphere of celebration!

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