How to Write Wedding Thank-You Cards

The how and why to perfect wedding thank-you notes.
Wedding thank you cards

One thing that most people either forget about or dislike doing after their wedding is writing thank-you cards. It may be time consuming and seem like a hassle but there is a good reason for it. Read on for more information on how to write thank-you cards and why we should keep the tradition alive.Wedding thank you cards

Your first question is most likely, “Do I have to write wedding thank-you cards and why?” Well to answer your question, your guests are likely spending a good chunk of cash to pay for your wedding gift. Wedding gifts usually run over $100. A wedding thank-you card is a thoughtful way to show your appreciation. You are showing appreciation not only for the gift itself, but also for your guests’ appearance at your wedding or pre-wedding event. It may seem like a dated tradition, but it is actually really quite important.
Another important question to ask is, “Do I have to handwrite my guests’ thank-you notes?” To put it simply, yes, you must hand write these thank-you notes. Email may be okay for sending out casual communication, but not for your thank-you cards. Tradition rules when it comes to wedding thank-you notes. Be sure to purchase some thank-you note stationery soon after you get engaged so you will have something pretty to write them on right from the start. You do not want to get behind because you do not have note cards yet. It is always a great idea to stay ahead when planning your wedding.
Your next question is more than likely, “How soon after receiving a gift should I write thank-you notes?” Honestly, thank-you notes should be written as soon as possible. If a gift is received before the wedding, you have two to three weeks to send the note on average. For gifts received at or after the wedding, up to three months is acceptable but try not to wait till the last minute. Waiting and procrastinating will make the process much harder and will bog you down. Be sure you have your guests’ mailing addresses on hand to make the process go even more smoothly, you will be thankful you took the time to prepare!
A main question is, “Are there any ways to make writing thank-you notes less painful?” If you are wondering how to write thank-you cards with your busy schedule, try writing a few notes each day to make it part of your daily routine. Staying on top of it will make the process go by much faster. You can even keep a few notecards in your purse so that you can write them during your downtime. Also, when it comes to how to write wedding thank-you cards, this is a task you should share with your spouse. If you are really having trouble keeping up, there are services that can help you “hand write” your thank-you cards online.
Wedding thank you cardsWhen writing an seemingly endless amount of wedding thank-you cards, it is easy to have writer’s block. It can be really frustrating. Figuring out what to say can be an extreme hassle and set back but no worries! If you are struggling to figure out how to write wedding thank-you cards, remember the following formula when it comes to the content of the note: Thank the recipient for the gift then say something specific about the gift and how you will use it then thank them again for coming to the wedding or event. This formula will make your wedding thank-you note writing much simpler and hassle-free.
Writing your wedding thank-you cards can seem like an uphill battle. Simple tips are do not procrastinate and do not get frustrated, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Wedding thank-you cards may seem like a dying tradition but they are thoughtful and let people know you really appreciate them and their gift!

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