How To Write A Maid Of Honor Speech

Wondering how to construct the perfect maid of honor speech?
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bridal party toasts, champagne toasts, bridal partyIf you ever have the opportunity to serve as your friend or family members’ maid of honor for their big day, you should be aware there are certain tasks that are expected of you. The maid of honor is expected to help the bride with planning, decorating, and multiple other tasks. One of the main things the maid of honor should be prepared to execute is delivering a speech at the wedding reception. How do you give the best speech that will not embarrass the bride or yourself? Read on for steps on how to write a maid of honor speech and what details to leave out.

The first step is to introduce yourself to the crowd. You will want to state your name and how you know the bride and groom, if applicable. Tell everyone your relationship with the bride. Whether you have been lifelong friends or college roommates, you can tell them how great of a friend she is. How grateful you are for your friendship, maybe include a light story or two just to help describe the type of friendship you have. These stories should be short and not embarrassing for the bride. Be sure to leave out any details that can make the bride be seen in a none flattering way.

Next, you will want to talk about the groom. You can tell the story of the first time you met him, how much the bride gushed over him, etc. Once you talk a little about him, be sure to talk about them as a couple. How great they fit together, how much they complement each other and the ways that you hope to watch them grow together and individually. This is a great way to show that you fully support their relationship and that you want the best for your friend. Be sure to end your speech with a toast to the newlyweds! Make sure you congratulate them on their happiness and for finding happily ever after.

When writing your maid of honor speech, make sure you keep it short and sweet. There are other people waiting to make speeches and this night is not about you! Everyone is waiting to dance and/or eat to celebrate the bride and groom. Your speech should be about two to three minutes long. This gives plenty of time to include a cute story or two and a toast of congratulations to the beautiful couple. Though you want to keep it short, that does not mean to talk so fast no one can understand anything you are saying. Be sure to keep it simple and at a nice pace, speak eloquently. Most of all, be sure to practice your speech! You do not want to be so nervous you talk a million miles a minute or stumble on words constantly.

So there are things that should not be included in your maid of honor speech. If you want to keep the mood light and not causebridesmaids, maid of honor, friends, wedding planning tension, do not tell any jokes that can make marriage seem like a joke. Jokes like divorce rate will not be received well by anyone. Also, make sure you leave out any stories that include your friend’s exes, drunken shenanigans, or anything else that can even be slightly inappropriate. You do not want to embarrass the bride or make her upset on her special day. The main thing is to remember to be yourself! Your friend chose you as her maid of honor for a reason, take this role seriously and show her nothing but love.

As the maid of honor, it is your duty to provide support and love to the bride. Be sure to stay by her side, help her with whatever she may need. Whether that be planning, decorating, wedding dress shopping, etc. Make her shine with pride when you write an awesome speech that speaks volumes about what type of friendship you have and how special she is to you. She may not remember every single word that you said, but she will always remember the way your words made her feel.

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