How to Organize a Memorable Wedding Weekend for Your Intimate Celebration

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Wedding Planning

Many couples are opting to extend their wedding day into an entire weekend of festivities, making for a more enjoyable and relaxed event for both guests and bride and groom alike. Not only will guests get to experience more memories together in this more laidback setting.

Feed your guests throughout the weekend with welcome dinners, rehearsal dinners, brunch and daytime snacks to save on food costs while keeping guests satisfied and energized. This will keep their energy up while saving money in food costs!

1. Make Itinerary

Wedding days tend to fly by quickly, making the opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones over an entire weekend truly precious.

When hosting guests from out-of-town, it’s essential that they feel welcomed and comfortable – whether this means planning activities, organizing transportation services or creating a local guide.

As your guests may arrive jet lagged and exhausted, allow ample breathing room by planning multiple dinners or events – hosting a welcome party is an ideal pre-dinner cocktail hour to keep their spirits high during their experience!

2. Create a Theme

Many couples choose to extend their wedding festivities over multiple days to give guests more time for socialization – particularly helpful if your family and friends live from far away.

Weekend celebrations also allow you to organize multiple smaller events within one large one – such as hosting a BBQ on Friday afternoon, or hosting a cocktail party alongside your ceremony and reception at the same location.

Finding an overall theme for your wedding weekend can help narrow down your options when selecting specific activities or venues. For instance, if modern art is your passion, embrace it by going all-out for this creative wedding theme; whether that means choosing Cubism-inspired gowns or decorations covered in pointillism patterns this wedding theme will undoubtedly wow your guests!

3. Set a Budget

Wedding weekends require more of an investment than just the day itself, particularly if they include out-of-town guests. Make it clear on your Save The Dates so that people can plan accordingly, book hotels, and take time off work if required.

Start by writing down your top three priorities for the big day, such as an incredible band or open bar; an elegant dinner with seafood; or simply lots of flowers–whatever is most important to you and your fiance.

Keep this budget worksheet handy throughout your planning process and use it to stay on track and avoid surprises! Keep track of proposals from vendors, deposits paid and final payments as they come due, updating it as necessary to stay on schedule and avoid surprises! This will keep your expenses on target and avoid unpleasant surprises!

Wedding Planning timeline4. Create a Timeline

An effective wedding day timeline ensures all guests know when and where to be for your big event, especially out-of-town guests unfamiliar with the area.

Create and assign someone from your wedding planning or trusted family to oversee the timeline for ensuring everything runs according to plan. It may also be useful to enlist help from some members of your wedding party such as maid of honor and best man to monitor time as well.

Avoid creating unnecessary lulls at your event by keeping the timing between cocktail hour and dinner service on track (otherwise your guests could become hungry!). Also ensure there is enough time for photos with immediate family members if necessary.

5. Hire a Planner

Planners not only take away the burden of coordinating logistics from you, but can provide expert insight on how to make those gorgeous Pinterest boards become reality – plus often have industry connections that help save money!

Add activities that make your guests feel welcomed, whether that is gin tasting or hiking trips – giving them the experience of making this wedding truly the “best wedding ever!”

Make sure to set aside time for relaxation between events. All guests will appreciate having the chance to rest or simply admire their stunning local surroundings, giving them more energy for your big day!

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