How to Make Your Wedding Reception Fun for Guests

Wanting to include games and activities to keep your guests entertained but unsure how?
wedding guests seated at tables having funWhen planning your wedding, you want to ensure your day is absolutely perfect for not only you but for your guests as well. If you have ever attended a wedding reception, you know that as a guest there can be lulls and times of boredom. Avoid this lack of activity at your wedding reception by putting on a little show or even including your guests! Read on for ways to make your wedding reception fun for your guests.
A great way to keep your wedding guests interested and entertained at your wedding reception is by having a fun photo booth! You can hire a photo booth rental or even make your own. You can include cute cutouts with sayings like “Team Bride” or “Team Groom” and let your guests keep copies of their photos. Be sure to keep a copy of everyone’s photos for your wedding memory book. This way you can look back and reminisce on your perfect day and see how much fun your guests had.
Another great addition you can include in your wedding reception is an anniversary dance. Instead of a bouquet and garter toss, couples will have a bouquet dance or anniversary dance. To start the anniversary dance your DJ invites all married couples onto the dance floor. After a few minutes of dancing, they will ask all couples who have been married for five years or less to leave the dance floor. After another few minutes, he asks all couples married for ten years or less to leave the dance floor, and so on. Eventually, you are left with the longest-married couple and they receive the bouquet and garter! If you do not want to toss your bouquet or if you do not have many single friends or family members the anniversary dance is perfect for your wedding reception.bride having a drink with groom
You can also add games to keep things nice and fun! A great game to include in your wedding reception flow is the shoe game. The shoe game is where you and your partner sit facing away from each other in the middle of the dance floor and swap shoes where each of you has one of your partner’s shoes and one of your own. The DJ then asks questions like, “Who snores the loudest?” Then you and your partner raise the shoe of who you think it is. So if you think your partner snores louder, you would raise their shoe in the air. It is a nice and fun way to make everyone laugh and have a great time.
Another great idea to include is fun yard games like giant Jenga! Games like giant Jenga are a sure way to keep your guests interested, entertained, and feeling included. You could also have thoughtful things like offering flip flops so your guests can kick off their nice dress shoes or heels and relax. Maybe try to have a barrel or basket filled with cheap flip-flops so your guests can dance and have fun without worry. Your guests are sure to never forget your wedding if you have fun and cute additions that are intended for them.
photoboothAnother fun and quirky way to include your guests is to supply disposable cameras for all of your guests, or one for each table if you have a large guest list, and include a list of shots they should get. Kind of like a scavenger hunt and see who can complete the list. Things to capture can be anything from the bride and groom kissing, to a picture of a pretty dress, to a picture of themselves! You can also ask them to take various group photos and have them go wild. This is a great way to include your guests, keep them on their toes, and also give you the chance to see your perfect day from their eyes.
Ensure your wedding reception guests have fun by having a photo booth, fun games, and thoughtful additions intended for them. At The Louisiana Cajun Mansion Event Venue, our complimentary wedding coordinator guarantees to help you not only create your perfect wedding ceremony but also the most unforgettable wedding reception for you and your guests! For more information on our all-inclusive wedding packages and how we can help make your special day absolutely perfect call 337-223-4722 or visit

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