How to Invite Last-Minute Plus-Ones to Your Wedding (and Prevent Awkwardness): Making Room for Love at Cajun Mansion

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Got some extra room on your guest list and wondering how to invite last-minute plus-ones without causing any awkwardness? Last-minute invitations can be tricky, but with the right approach, you can ensure everyone feels included without any discomfort.

At Cajun Mansion, we believe in making every guest feel welcome and cherished. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where everyone can enjoy themselves and feel at home, no matter when they receive their invitation.

Here’s our guide to gracefully extending those last-minute invitations. By following these tips, you can seamlessly add plus-ones to your event, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.

Assess Your Guest List and Venue Capacity

Before inviting last-minute plus-ones, evaluate your guest list and venue capacity. Ensure that adding a few more people won’t compromise the comfort and enjoyment of your event.

1.Check Capacity:

 Verify with your venue (like the versatile spaces at Cajun Mansion) to confirm they can accommodate additional guests without issue.

Headcount Flexibility: Assess your current RSVPs to see how many more guests you can comfortably include.

2. Prioritize Relationships

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Decide whose plus-ones are essential based on their relationship to you and their circumstances. Close friends, immediate family, and guests traveling from afar might appreciate the opportunity to bring a companion.

 Immediate Circle: Offer plus-ones to close friends and family who might benefit from having a guest.

Traveling Guests: Consider those traveling long distances, as having a companion can enhance their experience.

3. Extend the Invitation Tactfully

When reaching out to invite last-minute plus-ones, be clear and considerate in your communication. Personalize your message to ensure it feels genuine and thoughtful.

Personal Calls or Emails: Reach out directly via phone call or a personalized email to explain the situation and extend the invitation.

Warm and Welcoming: Express your excitement about including their guest and emphasize that there’s room and that you’d be delighted to have them join.

4. Update RSVPs and Seating Arrangements

Make sure to update your guest list and adjust seating arrangements to accommodate the additional guests smoothly.

RSVPs: Request a prompt response from those invited to bring a plus-one to ensure you have accurate numbers.

Seating Plans: Adjust your seating chart, if necessary, to make everyone comfortable and ensure plus-ones are seated with their hosts.

5. Communicate with Your Vendors

Notify your vendors about the additional guests to ensure seamless service and avoid any surprises on the day of the event.

Catering Adjustments: Inform your caterer to adjust the meal count and ensure there’s enough food and drink for everyone.

Staffing Needs: Check with your wedding coordinator at Cajun Mansion to see if additional staff might be required.

6.  Avoid Potential Awkwardness

To prevent any awkwardness, be mindful of potential sensitivities and manage expectations clearly.

Set Clear Boundaries: If you can only accommodate a certain number of additional guests, communicate this clearly to avoid any misunderstandings.

Equitable Treatment: Ensure all guests feel equally valued, whether they received a last-minute invite or were on the original list.


At Cajun Mansion, we understand the importance of making every guest feel welcome and cherished, even if they’re added at the last minute. By assessing your capacity, prioritizing relationships, and communicating thoughtfully, you can extend invitations to plus-ones gracefully and without awkwardness.

Let our team assist you in creating a seamless and inclusive celebration, ensuring every guest feels part of your special day.

Let Cajun Mansion Event Venue make your wedding day stress-free and unforgettable. Explore our wedding packages and visit our services page to learn more.

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