Hosting an Eco-Friendly Baby Shower

Girl Kissing Her Mother's Belly

Hosting an eco-friendly baby shower can be simple with careful planning. Discuss with the mother-to-be about her lifestyle preferences and try to minimize the use of single-use plastics where possible.

As an alternative to buying disposable plates, cups, and napkins from rental stores or party supply shops, consider hiring reusable ones from them instead. Invite guests to bring reusable bags for gifts as a part of the party experience!

Choose a Green Theme

Planning a baby shower presents almost infinite options, yet by making just a few changes your event can become greener.

Consider choosing an unusual location, like a natural setting like the beach, park, or backyard as the setting of your event. Or host it at one of your local nature centers or zoos!

When choosing games for your party, opt for ones that don’t require paper items or trash – such as pin the diaper on the stuffed animal or guess the baby’s sex! Both games are fun ways of making green living easier.

Eco-friendly favors are sure to delight guests at any celebration, reminding them of the special event and momma-to-be every time they use their keepsake. Examples of eco-friendly keepsakes could include potted plants, succulents, or seeded paper favors.

assorted-color ceramic bowls and saucers lot on white wooden shelvesDitch the Disposables

Flowers make sustainable decorations for a baby shower. Instead of giving out balloons or baby-specific items that will soon be discarded, ask guests to bring bouquets as decorations that can continue being enjoyed long after the party has concluded.

Don’t settle for traditional bingo cards, lists, or surveys when planning your event – opt instead for paperless solutions like “Guess the Baby.” Just hang family baby photos from an easel using wooden pegs as guessing lines; digitally record each guest’s guess via their phone or tablet and record it digitally!

If you are hosting a food event, look for caterers that use zero-waste packaging and serve dishes in reusable containers. Also consider providing your guests with plates, cups, and utensils from an environmentally-conscious store to further reduce waste at the event.

Leave the Gifts Unwrapped

Many baby shower games require lots of paper, creating unnecessary waste. Instead, select games that use fewer resources; such as “Guess the Baby” games using family photos that everyone can participate in easily and record guesses digitally without printing out bingo cards, lists, or surveys.

Consider creating an event around green themes to honor the mother-to-be’s green thumb. Giving gifts like terra cotta planters with started seedlings or flower seeds is sure to provide your guests with something they will remember fondly for years.

Or give away cute party potted philodendron plants as favors that will bring memories of your mom-to-be every time they look at the plant! Other eco-friendly favor options could include mini beeswax candles, flower seed packets, and sample-size Fair Trade coffee packets.

Go Outdoors

Organizing an eco-friendly baby shower requires some creativity. Moving your event outside – such as to the beach or park – is one great way to cut costs while providing guests with some sun and fresh air.

Instead of opting for more conventional games with printed bingo cards and paper, try opting for games made out of natural materials – like Guess the Baby, or having everyone write notes on nappies for the mom-to-be. As part of your party favor, give guests something non-disposable like a sweet-scented candle or homemade soap in a repurposed tin that they can take home as keepsake gifts!

Or give them something they can plant themselves (such as this philodendron seed stick or flower kit containing everything they need to start growing their flowers! This gift will not only benefit them and the planet!

Shop Local

No matter whether you hire caterers or plan to prepare the food yourself, selecting organic and locally sourced produce and packaging can reduce waste significantly. When serving beverages or plates for drinks service, choose reusable cups and plates for optimal efficiency.

Avoid sending paper invitations by opting for electronic invites instead. E-vites allow easy tracking of RSVPs online and offer various design options to fit with the theme of any event.

Skip the typical flowers and opt for pampas grass or succulents as decorations – these stunning plants add a natural, boho feel that can continue as décor long after the shower has concluded! As favors, plantable seed paper or fair trade coffee packets make great clutter-free sustainable gifts that both save the planet and pay it forward!

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