Five Bachelorette Party Ideas Everyone Will Love

Find the perfect bachelorette party idea to fit your personality.
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After announcing your engagement, one of the events you and your bridal party will look forward to is the bachelorette party. Bachelorette parties are a tradition that promotes bonding with your bridesmaids and saying goodbye to your past life of being single! What are some ways to spend your bachelorette party if the party scene is not really your forte? Read on for five awesome bachelorette party ideas that go above and beyond the norm of going out to clubs and dancing.
One fun and relaxing way to spend your bachelorette party is by having a spa day with your gal pals. Why not spend the day stress-free with your best friends? Go to a spa, and get massages. Maybe even go to the nail salon and get manicures and pedicures. This is one way to really enforce the self-care you need to help you relax before your wedding day. Who does not love a day filled with self-care, love, and friendship?spa day
Another great way to bond with your bridesmaids is to buy a new pair of pajamas and host a slumber party! Have your bridal party come over, get your favorite bottles of wine and have a girl’s night. Spend time together by doing each other’s nails, playing games, or watching movies. Play games to help your bridesmaids get to know one another better. End the night with some yummy popcorn and some of your favorite romantic comedies. A night in will be refreshing and just what you need to prepare for your wedding day.
If the outdoors is something you love, maybe you should host a (camping) glamping trip as your bachelorette getaway. You can bring your bridal party on a hike or even sit around the campfire telling your favorite stories about how you met each one of your bridesmaids. Maybe you could do a relaxing yoga session and reflect on how getting married will positively affect you. Being outdoors will help you reset and relax. The possibilities are endless when it comes to outdoor fun, just use your imagination!
Another fun idea for your bachelorette party is to host a wine tasting! Wine is almost always a staple in bachelorette parties, so why not make it the main idea? Bring your bridesmaids to a winery and try a few yummy selections. If you are more into beer or darker alcohol, maybe go to a brewery and try a few brews with your gals. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, have each of your bridesmaids bring their alcohol of choice and food that pairs nicely with it. This way, you can find out what each of your bridesmaids likes and see if you like it too. Believe it or not, this is a great way to bond with one
Lastly, your bachelorette party can consist of you hosting a dinner party for you and your bridesmaids. Each of your bridesmaids can bring their favorite dish, or can even help make each dish in the kitchen. You can have games like who can make the best cookies, etc. Just relax and fill your evening with delicious food and good friends. Your bachelorette party should be stress-free and a good time!
Bachelorette parties usually consist of bars and drinking. If that is not your scene, try outings that fit you and your personality. Activities like camping, slumber parties, or even a spa day can make the perfect bachelorette party that you and your bridal party will absolutely love and never forget. Your bachelorette party should be about you, your interests, and taking a day to really relax. So relax by enjoying your favorite things and activities!

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