Elopements 101 – A Guide to the Ultimate Intimate Wedding

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Elopements are an easy, stress-free way to commemorate your love without all the fuss of planning an elaborate ceremony. Elopements can include up to 30 guests (though most prefer less). Plus, they’re flexible when it comes to location – anywhere around the world will do!

Contrary to popular belief, eloping isn’t about running away or secretive wedding plans – rather it is an opportunity to celebrate love the way you want and create memories that last a lifetime.favorite location

1. Choose a Location You Love

By choosing to elope, you are free of the expectations and obligations associated with traditional weddings – this allows for you to create an experience that feels truly genuine for both of you.

Elopements can take place virtually anywhere around the globe. Think about what kind of experience you want and start searching for locations that resonate with you.

If you plan to elope, send out a marriage announcement after your wedding date to notify everyone that you’ve made this choice and don’t require their presence at your ceremony. This may help ease any hurt feelings from those left out while also serving as a great way to display beautiful intimate photos!

2. Pick a Time That Works for You

If you want a romantic wedding that commemorates family and friends without the stress of planning a traditional ceremony, an elopement could be just what’s needed. An elopement still includes all of the important details like an amazing destination wedding site and stunning photography; however, its size will likely make it more manageable.

Eloping offers couples more flexibility and allows them to break free from what the wedding industry imposes upon them and their partner. If a big reception or trip around the world seems overwhelming to plan, an elopement might be your perfect solution.

3. Decide on a Budget

Elopements and intimate weddings tend to be less costly than their more elaborate counterparts, but that doesn’t mean they come without costs. Before planning the date of your special event, sit down with your partner and discuss what is acceptable within their budget for this day of celebration.

Budgeting can help keep expectations realistic, as well as guide any obstacles with firm numbers in mind. There are various ways you can save money on an elopement, such as shopping wedding dresses on Etsy, Amazon or Lulus instead of investing in full designer gowns from stores like Pronovias or Revolve. Or you could do your own hair and makeup or craft your bouquet to cut costs further.

floralsAt the core of it all lies your decision of what makes the most sense for you and your partner. If an elopement is right for you, we want to help make that dream a reality!

4. Schedule a Consultation

Advice from friends, strangers and the internet may only serve to confuse your mind and leave you feeling more overwhelmed than before! What worked for them may not necessarily be suitable for your specific wedding!

Budget for all the items associated with a traditional wedding, such as food, drinks, entertainment and your marriage license. Take the time to research various vendors so you can create a budget that works for your elopement! Doing this will guarantee it’s perfect.

5. Book Your Photographer

photographerBe mindful that wedding photography can be an unregulated industry, with numerous talented photographers available. Take time to find one who fits with your aesthetic and makes you comfortable; note that photographers may require your assistance to fully comprehend exactly what it is you want on your big day.

Look to friends and family for recommendations, or search social media platforms such as Pinterest for styles. When it comes to wedding photographers, make sure they offer consistent portfolios with meeting opportunities either in-person or virtually before making your selection.

Rather than planning an elopement wedding, but are unable to imagine parting ways with friends and family members, why not consider planning a micro or petite wedding instead? Such intimate ceremonies can still be equally beautiful and special.

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