Elegance Defined: How to Word the Dress Code on Your Wedding Website

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“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” This sentiment by fashion icon Rachel Zoe encapsulates the importance of a well-defined dress code for your wedding. A thoughtfully communicated dress code sets the tone for your special day, helping to create a cohesive and memorable experience for everyone involved. At The Cajun Mansion in Louisiana, we recognize the pivotal role that clear dress code guidelines play in ensuring your celebration reflects your vision perfectly.

As part of the stress-free team at The Cajun Mansion, we aim to make the process of conveying your desired dress code as seamless as possible. Whether you’re aiming for timeless elegance or casual charm, it’s crucial that your guests understand your expectations. This understanding not only enhances the overall ambiance but also ensures that your guests feel comfortable and confident in their attire, allowing them to fully enjoy the festivities without any wardrobe worries.

To assist you in this endeavor, we provide expert tips and examples on how to effectively articulate your wedding dress code on your website. Clear communication is key, and with our guidance, you can ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding what to wear. By doing so, you can focus on enjoying your special day, knowing that your guests are dressed appropriately and stylishly.

Before diving into specific examples, it’s essential to understand the most common wedding dress codes. Each one sets a different tone and expectation for your event:

  1. Black Tie: Formal and sophisticated, black tie typically means tuxedos for men and long gowns for women.
  2. Formal or Black Tie Optional: Similar to black tie but with slightly more flexibility, allowing for dark suits and cocktail dresses.
  3. Semi-Formal or Cocktail Attire: Less formal than black tie, this calls for suits and ties for men and cocktail dresses or dressy separates for women.
  4. Dressy Casual: A step up from casual, this might mean dress shirts and slacks for men, and sundresses or skirts and blouses for women.
  5. Casual: The most relaxed dress code, suitable for outdoor or beach weddings, where khakis, polos, sundresses, and flats are appropriate.

Examples of Dress Code Wording

Black Tie Example:

“Black Tie: Elegance is key for our celebration at The Cajun Mansion. Gentlemen, please wear tuxedos or black suits with ties, and ladies, long evening gowns or formal cocktail dresses are perfect. Let’s make this night a stunning affair to remember!”

The young in spectacles men straightens his tie, his face unshavenBlack Tie Optional Example:

“Black Tie Optional: We invite you to join us in your most sophisticated attire at The Cajun Mansion. Gentlemen, tuxedos or dark suits with ties are suitable. Ladies, please choose long evening gowns or cocktail dresses. We can’t wait to see you in your elegant best!”

Formal Example:

“Formal Attire: To complement the grandeur of The Cajun Mansion, we request formal attire. Gentlemen, a dark suit and tie are ideal. Ladies, please select a cocktail dress, long dress, or dressy separates. Let’s celebrate in style!”

Semi-Formal Example:

“Semi-Formal: For our wedding at The Cajun Mansion, we envision a chic yet comfortable atmosphere. Gentlemen, please wear suits and ties. Ladies, a cocktail dress, dressy skirt and top, or an elegant jumpsuit would be lovely. Dress to impress!”

Two happy young intercultural brides toasting with their wedding guestsDressy Casual Example:

“Dressy Casual: We aim for a relaxed yet polished look at The Cajun Mansion. Gentlemen, dress shirts and slacks are great. Ladies, a sundress, skirt and blouse, or dressy separates are perfect. Let’s enjoy a beautiful day together!”

Casual Example:

“Casual Attire: Our wedding at The Cajun Mansion will be laid-back and fun. Gentlemen, feel free to wear khakis or dress pants with a polo or dress shirt. Ladies, sundresses or a nice skirt and top are ideal. Comfort and style go hand in hand!”

Special Dress Code Considerations

In addition to the basic dress codes, there may be special considerations based on the location, time of year, or specific themes:

Beach or Outdoor Wedding:

“Beach Chic: For our seaside ceremony at The Cajun Mansion, think breezy and elegant. Gentlemen, linen pants and shirts are perfect. Ladies, light dresses and sandals are ideal. Let’s celebrate with the sand between our toes!”

Winter Wedding:

“Winter Elegance: Join us for a cozy and elegant winter wedding at The Cajun Mansion. Gentlemen, dark suits with seasonal ties are perfect. Ladies, long gowns or cocktail dresses with shawls or wraps for warmth. Let’s create magical winter memories!”

Themed Wedding:

“Vintage Glam: Step back in time with us at The Cajun Mansion. Gentlemen, think classic suits with a vintage twist. Ladies, vintage-inspired dresses or glamorous evening gowns are perfect. Let’s celebrate in timeless style!”

Cultural Attire:

“Traditional Attire Welcome: At our wedding at The Cajun Mansion, we celebrate our diverse cultures. Please feel free to wear traditional attire that reflects your heritage. Let’s honor our traditions together!”

Tips for Communicating the Dress Code

  1. Be Clear and Specific: Clearly define what each dress code term means to avoid any confusion. Provide examples to guide your guests.
  2. Consider Your Venue: Ensure that the dress code matches the formality and style of your wedding venue. The Cajun Mansion’s elegant setting might call for more formal attire.
  3. Provide Context: Explain why you’ve chosen a particular dress code. Mentioning the venue or theme can help guests understand your vision.
  4. Be Mindful of Comfort: While you want your guests to look their best, ensure the dress code allows them to feel comfortable, especially considering the weather and location.
  5. Offer Assistance: Provide links to style guides or inspiration boards on your wedding website. You can also mention that guests can contact you or your wedding planner for further clarification.


Articulating the dress code on your wedding website is a crucial step in ensuring your celebration at The Cajun Mansion is as harmonious and beautiful as you envision. By clearly communicating your expectations and providing examples, you help your guests feel confident and excited about their attire. As part of the stress-free team at The Cajun Mansion, we are here to assist you in every aspect of your wedding planning, ensuring that your special day is perfect from start to finish. Your love story deserves nothing less than a celebration that is elegant, memorable, and uniquely yours.  Let us help you create a day where every detail, including your guests’ attire, reflects the beauty and sophistication of your love.

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