DIY Decor Ideas to Transform Any Wedding Venue

white and brown wooden tables and chairs

Decor doesn’t have to break the bank, with plenty of cost-cutting DIY ideas you can try leading up to your big day. Search local beaches for driftwood pieces to fashion into sailboat table numbers, or hang tassel garlands from hooks as beautiful backdrops.

Leftover wine bottles make an elegant way to display place cards, while terrariums featuring succulents make gorgeous centerpieces. As an additional touch, craft biodegradable sprinkles into cones for guests as confetti cones to send off with!

garland wreath1. Hang a Garland Wreath

Hanging decor is an effective way to transform a space without altering its architecture. Create a romantic floral backdrop with hanging garland wreaths for an event, which can easily be taken down after your ceremony is over.

Country houses and barns often boast high ceilings, making draping an effective way to add height and drama. String twinkling fairy lights across beams for a magical touch!

2. Driftwood Sailboats

For country houses, barns and coastal cottages you will want to add wooden wall hangings that add a sense of the outdoors with rustic finishes or trendy macrame styles for added style.

Create an inviting table setting using driftwood as a frame for menus or seating plans. Look for inexpensive frames with back stands and simply hang lace sails or cotton eyelet fabric panels from these.

3. Mr. & Mrs. Banners

Add an eye-catching sign to your reception decor with this eye-catching MR & MRS banner, guaranteed to complement any theme, and useful as home decor after the big day! Plus it makes an excellent reusable wedding home decoration idea!

Lighting can make all the difference at night in terms of setting an ideal atmosphere in any venue, and using arrow signs like these to direct guests between different areas will only add to that feeling.

4. Mr. & Mrs. Signs

Signs are an effective way to complete the aesthetic of your wedding reception. Display a seating chart on a chalkboard, or create a personalized neon sign spelling out “Mr and Mrs.”

Fairy lights are an age-old way to make any venue more intimate, particularly as evening falls. Try stringing them along beams or drape them across the ceiling as this couple did.

5. Bling Trees

Kelham House offers numerous beautiful venues with remarkable natural features to be highlighted, such as exposed wooden beams that look fantastic when draped with bunting.

Display jars filled with flowers, table numbers and other items on ladders for an eye-catching visual. Ladders can also double up as seating or display stations during rustic weddings – like this one frommr and mrs Blake Hall!

6. Mr. & Mrs. Glasses

Raise a toast to your new life together with these minimalist Mr. & Mrs. glasses featuring classic glass construction with mild iridescence for the ultimate minimalist style. Engraved “Mr.” and “Mrs.” monograms complete this stylish gift idea.

Make the most of the natural beauty of your venue with these eye-catching DIY wedding decorations. Hanging bunting is an easy way to highlight high ceilings while chalkboard signs make great place card and menu holder solutions.

7. Post Boxes

By choosing one stand-out feature to decorate, rather than covering every surface with decorations, why not focus on? For instance, take inspiration from this barn wedding and use cart wheels decorated with trailing flowers as the focal point.

Post boxes make a cute alternative to table plans, especially ones painted in your wedding colors. Keep it simple or add decorative lettering for an adorable rustic touch.

8. Escort Cards

Escort cards may serve primarily as functional wedding decor items, but that doesn’t mean they can’t add flair! From shells for a beach event to bouquets of herbs for botanical-inspired garden ceremonies, natural elements make an excellent way to draw guests’ attention when setting seating arrangements.

To create an elegant rustic-chic autumn wedding, snip pieces of eucalyptus or fir into shapes that can fit easily into the folds of your seating chart. Once guests are seated, these branches provide an eye-catching backdrop for photographs.

9. Vintage Bike

Display pretty wildflowers atop an old bicycle to create a striking DIY table plan, ideal for marquees, tipis and yurts. This rustic idea works especially well!

An arrow-shaped sign will help your guests navigate with ease while also creating a romantic atmosphere. Framed photos also make great directional wedding decor. Marquee light-up letters that spell out initials or your love story provide beautiful mood lighting!

10. Potted Plants

Plants can add a charming and organic touch to your wedding venue. Bookend your sweetheart table with potted plants such as this fern display to enhance its elegance.

For an eye-catching display in any venue with high ceilings, hanging an impressive display of pastel or vibrant pom poms will create an incredible focal point. They look wonderful woven around bar areas, draped across seating plans or even used as grand entrance decor!

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