Bridal Shower Etiquette What You Need to Know

woman in white sleeveless dress standing beside red flowers

Long considered improper, family members hosting bridal showers were once considered bad etiquette; now this rule has been broken and it’s fine for other individuals such as the mother’s sisters or friends, or even coworkers of the bride to host these parties instead.

Make sure that everyone invited to your bridal shower also receives an invite to your wedding to avoid awkward situations or hurt feelings.

person putting ribbon on cardGifts

At a bridal shower, guests are expected to bring gifts. Part of the party will be dedicated to opening presents; you should choose something she will both appreciate and use. While it is fine to choose something not listed on her registry, as long as your present matches her lifestyle or interests perfectly.

Popular options for gifts for women can include beautiful lingerie, jewelry, or kitchen/baking supplies. If you’re unsure what to buy her, a gift card might be more suitable as she can use it at her leisure.

At wedding parties and other gatherings, gifts should always be wrapped so they won’t be visible until she opens them. This will prevent embarrassment for both party attendees and her when opening it later; additionally, having someone help track who gave each gift so she can send out thank you cards promptly is also useful.


Brides should select bridal shower games that will both amuse and engage their guests, such as those featured in bridal shower games that provide entertainment. There are several suitable bridal shower games out there; some require simple supplies while others can be more complex – either way, they help guests connect with the bride-to-be and better know her better!

Scattergories is one of the easiest bridal shower games, requiring only a game card and something to write with. Players are given awoman in white tank top painting a book list of statements or questions related to weddings then must find answers beginning with letters on their game cards that start with each letter of their card to gain points and win a prize! The one with the highest points wins!

Over or Under is an ideal bridal shower game for large groups. Each player receives a game card containing 15 questions that must be matched up with their source and answered correctly for scoring points at the end of the game – the player with the most points at its completion will win a prize!

Table settings

As this special occasion marks a new chapter for a bride-to-be, most bridal showers are held exclusively for female attendees – including aunts, grandmas, the bride’s close friends, and her mother.

Guest should be encouraged to share humorous or endearing tales about the bride-to-be or tell her something they admire about her to break the ice and foster new connections among attendees. Many hosts also host fun contests or games which are guaranteed to leave guests laughing out loud!

Once the party begins, it’s important to keep an eye on food and beverage supplies. If they see that supplies are running low, hosts should replenish them immediately before disposing of any trash that accumulates. In terms of table settings, be sure to choose dinnerware and flatware that fits the theme or style of your event – such as ornate silverware for classic events and sleek modern flatware for contemporary bridal showers.


If you’re planning a bridal shower for a friend, make sure that she outlines her ideal guest list. A general rule should be to not invite anyone who won’t be invited to the actual ceremony itself and to coordinate on a date that won’t cause scheduling conflicts between yourselves and her.

Based on her bridal shower theme, the bride may want you to select a present that ties in. For instance, a lingerie-themed event might pair perfectly with silk nightgowns and spa days; for a “Round the Clock” event each guest is assigned an hour of the day and should select something accordingly.

At a party, it is customary for guests to open their gifts in front of the bride-to-be, so if this occurs it would be polite to include your present in your card message to her and thank all hosts as well as those faraway who sent gifts with handwritten thank-you notes.

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