All Inclusive Wedding Planner Packages Save Money

Wondering how to save yourself time, money and stress but unsure how?
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save moneyWhen planning your wedding you are constantly faced with challenges and stress-inducing situations. Why not have everything taken care of by one person? Not only do wedding planners help you save money and time, but they also reduce the stress you have to endure while planning one of the most important days of your life. At The Louisiana Cajun Mansion Event Venue, we know just how important it is for the bride to relax and enjoy her time planning her wedding. Read on for ways a wedding coordinator and all-inclusive wedding packages not only save your time but also your money.

At The Louisiana Cajun Mansion Event Venue, we offer all-inclusive wedding packages that include a complimentary wedding planner to help get your wedding planning on track. Your complimentary wedding coordinator will take care of every single detail, no matter how small. Their job is to ensure your wedding day runs smoothly and everything is perfect. Wedding planners not only handle all the details but also act as a point of contact between the bride and the vendors. If your vendors have any questions or concerns, it is up to the wedding planner to take care of any mess-ups so the bride does not have to.
Wedding coordinators also help the bride save money by making sure they are getting the best services for their money. They also can help by making suggestions if the bride needs help making decisions. Wedding coordinators almost always have a special vendor list that they have already worked with and can suggest to the bride. They are able to ensure that the bride has fond memories to look back on when thinking of planning their wedding. With a wedding planner, planning your wedding does not have to be filled with stress and worry.
Another way to save money during wedding planning is by utilizing all-inclusive wedding packages. In some cases, wedding venues offer all-inclusive wedding packages that include everything you need for your special day. Some packages can include a DJ, caterer, florist, photographer, etc. These all-inclusive wedding packages usually offer amazing services for a discounted price. Wedding packages include the rental of the wedding venue for the ceremony and reception and can also include your wedding officiant!money
All-inclusive wedding packages not only save you money, but they can also save you from experiencing awkward situations. For example, imagine you are planning your wedding and need a DJ. Well, you think that you could hire your cousin who is a DJ but the groom also has a family member that is a DJ. Instead of causing a fight by picking between the two, you could hire a professional that is not linked to either you or your significant other. Save yourself the headache and drama and opt for an all-inclusive wedding package so you do not have to worry about hurting anyone’s feelings.
All-inclusive wedding packages that include a complimentary wedding planner is the best route to take if you are looking to relieve stress and save money. It reduces stress by keeping you from having to spend your time on minor details. You can explain to your wedding coordinator exactly what you want and they can make it happen! They will be able to provide your vendors with details and even choose the perfect vendors for your ceremony. A great wedding planner will only bother you with major details and will be able to take care of the rest!
Wedding planning can make your life a little crazy. Instead of dealing with it alone, look into all-inclusive wedding packages that include a complimentary wedding planner. At The Louisiana Cajun Mansion Event Venue, we know how details make a wedding, so let our packages and wedding coordinator assist you! For more information on our all-inclusive wedding packages and complimentary wedding planner visit

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