Affordable Bachelorette Party Ideas

You can save money and still have fun.

bachelorette party, girls night out, girls night in, brideBachelorette parties should be super fun, no matter what budget you have. If you are on a tight budget and need to throw your friend a bachelorette party, there are multiple ways to ensure everyone has a great time while also saving a bit of money. Read on for different ways you can keep a bachelorette party affordable and still have a blast.

One great way to save money and still have fun is to find a new pair of pajamas and host a slumber party! Have the bridal party come over, get some bottles of wine and have a gal pal night. Spend time together by doing each other’s nails, playing games, or even watching the bride’s favorite movies. Play games to help anyone who may not be acquainted get to know one another better and to break the ice. End the night with some yummy popcorn and snacks and break out some of everyone’s favorite romantic comedies. A night in will be extremely relaxing and save you a pretty penny.

If the outdoors is something the bride loves, hosting a camping trip as the bachelorette get-away would be a brilliant idea. You can bring the bridal party on a hike or even sit around the campfire telling your favorite stories about how everyone met or what you look forward to at the wedding. Take part in activities such as yoga, relaxing exercises, or even sight-seeing in the beautiful outdoors. Being outdoors will help you reset and relax. Even if pitching a big tent in someone’s yard is your idea of camping, then do that! The possibilities are endless when it comes to the outdoors and it’s fun, just use your imagination!

Another fun idea for an affordable bachelorette party is to host a wine tasting! Wine is almost always a staple in bachelorette parties,fingernail polish, pedicure, manicure, bachelorette party so why not make it the main idea? Tell the bridal party to each bring their favorite wine so everyone can try it. If some of the bridal party does not really care for wine but would rather another type of alcohol, have them bring their alcohol of choice and a food that pairs nicely with it. This way, you can find out what each of the bridesmaids likes and see if you like it too. Believe it or not, this is a great way to bond with one another.

One fun and relaxing way to save money during a bachelorette party is by hosting a spa day at your home. Think about everything that goes into a spa day. Face masks, manicures, pedicures, massages, etc., can all be done by yourselves, or you can see if you have the budget to hire someone to come to your home. Make sure to have wine, tea, lemonade, and hors d’oeuvres as a light snack for everyone. Spa day can be whatever you need it to be, just do what your budget allows you to. 

One last fun and affordable idea for a bachelorette party is hosting a dinner party or potluck. Everyone can bring their favorite dish or dessert and maybe even their drink of choice to go with it. You can have games like who can decorate the cutest cookies, etc. Just relax and fill your evening with delicious food and have a great time. The bachelorette party should be stress

free and a place to make amazing memories.

Hosting a bachelorette party can get pretty expensive and stressful. Take away all your worries and just throw one from your home. Being on a budget does not mean you cannot have fun. Throw a slumber party or a dinner party, or both. Relax, have fun, and save some money all at the same time.

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