Advantages of Having Your Wedding Ceremony and Reception at One Venue

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wedding setup outdoors with tables and chairsYou are now engaged and so excited to start planning your wedding! What is one of the biggest items on your wedding checklist that causes most of your stress about your big day? The venue. Not only do you need a place to marry your soulmate, but you also need a venue for the party to celebrate after! Instead of increasing your levels of stress, why not just have both in ONE location?

After saying “I Do” and exchanging rings, imagine how much easier and less of a hassle it would be to not have to travel to your reception. With one venue, you are already there! There’s no time gap between your wedding ceremony and reception. Not only are you saving on transportation, but most venues will give discounted prices if both celebrations are held in one building. Also, now you are only having to coordinate with one venue staff instead of two. You will be able to establish professional relationships with those who will be helping you. So it is easier for everyone to be on the same page and make your wedding one of your dreams!

Another perk of having your wedding and reception in one venue is flexibility. Most experienced venues will have options for indoor or outdoor weddings. They have multiple combinations for your wedding. Whether you want an indoor wedding and an outdoor reception, an outdoor wedding with an outdoor reception, or anywhere in between! Planned on having an outdoor wedding but the weather will not permit the day of? You have the option of moving your wedding inside without much of a hassle! You have the safety of flexibility and maneuverability.

You have not decided on your caterer, florist, DJ, or officiant? Another factor to think about is the coordinators of these venues are experienced professionals. They will usually have a trusted vendor list for you to choose from. Not only are they trusted vendors, but they are also familiar with the venue and will be able to help make your vision of your wedding come true! Be sure to ask your venue’s coordinators for their vendor list, they are here to help!gold chiavari chair set up at angle facing sun room

If you like having options, one venue is right for you! These venues have more choices to choose from than a religious setting. Experienced officiants that are on the vendor list are more open to different wedding styles. Whether you want a religious, or casual ceremony, you will have more leniency when it comes to the actual ceremony. You will have the ability to involve those family or friends you want to be a part of your special day. You have options such as utilizing a unity candle, having readings, a sand ceremony, handfasting, etc. Also, you could have more flexibility with decorations and music than in your average church wedding.

As you know, you want your wedding day to be absolutely perfect! But sometimes there are things that can not be avoided. Traveling to a separate venue for your reception may not seem like such a hassle, but the unpredictable can happen. Imagine having to plan how you will arrive at your reception without being late because traffic is horrendous! Or having to travel through bad weather. These are both factors you should consider when planning your wedding. With one venue, these factors are eliminated from your list of worries!

bride and groom under veilHaving your wedding and reception in one venue is extremely beneficial not only to you but to your guests as well! For guests traveling from out of town for your wedding, finding two separate venues may not be so easy, especially if they are unfamiliar with the area. Waiting for guests to arrive at the reception can delay the start of your happy ever after with the love of your life. Plus, you are more likely to have more guests attend your wedding and reception if they are in one place. Some guests will skip the ceremony and just head straight to the reception to avoid waiting times, childcare costs if needed, and traffic. It makes it easier for the guests to navigate how much time they will be spending there, traveling costs, and rental costs if needed.

The benefits of one venue are undeniable! Make the planning of your wedding day extremely simple by reducing stress. Why put yourself through so much discomfort when you can simply have your wedding celebration and reception in one venue?

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