A Complete Wedding Venue Package Checklist

If you are booking a wedding venue, you must look beyond the basic questions.

Have you decided on your wedding dates? Are you spending hours seeking the best wedding venue? If yes, read on! In this post, we will help you find the best and complete wedding venue package in no time.

Once you have decided on the date, you have to choose the perfect venue. Making a checklist will make it easier to find the venue that will meet all of your wedding needs. Here’s a checklist that is sure to help you compare venues and ultimately choose the right one.

Complete Wedding Venue Package Checklist

Most people visiting a venue, can’t think of any other question than the basic ones mentioned below:
· Does this venue offer sufficient capacity to fully accommodate the guest list?
· Is your date available or free?

However, there are many other important aspects of a wedding venue, both small and big, that must be ironed out before the booking.

Here is the checklist that you should follow to minimize surprises down the line:
o Who will be assisting the wedding day arrangements? Is there an in-house wedding coordinator and for how long they will be there on the wedding day?
o Is there a requirement for a minimum amount of guests for an exclusive booking?
o Do you arrange one wedding per day?
o In addition to a fully decorative venue, can we also add our own touches?
o Is there any outdoor location for photography or reception?
o What is included in the complete package like groom’s boutonniere or bridal bouquet?
o If you are booking the mansion, does the wedding package offer a bridal suite for overnight accommodation?
o Are there any additional charges for waiting or bar staff?
o What linen/crockery/cutlery is offered as part of the overall package? Are there options to select the type of tables?
o Is any stationery/décor provided (centerpieces, menus, cake stand, flowers, and red carpet)?
o Is the wedding venue equipped with sound system/speakers?
o What time should the guests leave the venue?
o Does the mansion offer accommodation for guests at discounted rates?
o Is there any in-house caterer?
o What facilities are available for children, elderly or disabled people?
o How many toilets are provided?
o Is there a secure room to keep wedding gifts and other valuable items?
o Does the venue offer a separate smoking area?
o What are the payment schedules and deposit requirements?
o Are there any packages/discounts as per individual wedding preferences?

All of these items should always be present on your wedding venue package checklist. This will help you select the best venue for your biggest day. Also, if you are planning an intimate elopement and looking for flexible wedding packages, call us to book a tour or visit the Cajun Mansion Event Venue website.

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