10 Things to Look for in a Bridal Shower Venue

Only the best bridal shower venue has ALL of these features!
blush color table decor for bridal shower

Hot Pink bridal Shower tea party table decorationsWhen planning a bridal shower, you really need to explore your options. Things like parking, space, and your budget matter when selecting the best venue to have your bridal shower. Hosting your bridal shower at a beautiful event venue guarantees professionalism and perfection! Read on for the list of ten things to look for in a bridal shower venue.

1. Great Location
Now I know what you are thinking, “My friends/relatives house would be perfect” but would it? Is it central to where everyone would be traveling from? Is it able to accommodate 20+ guests, depending on how big your guest list is? That’s why an event venue is perfect for your bridal shower. Professional event venues should always be in or near bigger cities, and not be too far away.
2. Ample Parking
Parking is one of the biggest problems parties, no matter what kind, face. Upon arrival to a bridal shower imagine spending 20+ minutes trying to find a place to park, or walking blocks just to get to the party. Professional event venues should always have enough parking to accommodate all of your guests and more! When choosing your event venue to host your bridal shower be sure to inquire about the parking situation. Do they have enough parking to accommodate your guest list? Is it private gated parking?
3. Complimentary Event Coordinator
Having an event coordinator to help you create the perfect bridal shower is top tier service. Now imagine if they were complimentary! That is right, having someone help you build your bridal shower and relieving stress at no extra cost. The best bridal shower venues INCLUDE an event coordinator in their packages to ensure your bridal shower is absolutely perfect.
4. Amenities
Amenities make things so much easier! Having options to use multiple rooms, WIFI, and also including the use of things like tablecloths makes it easier for you to focus your time and energy on other things like your upcoming wedding. Amenities help relieve stress and are a nice bonus to the perfect wedding venue.
5. Flexibility
Believe or not, flexibility is a huge game changer when it comes to bridal shower venues. For example, if you planned to have your bridal shower outdoors but it unexpectedly starts to rain, what can you do? Well, professional event venues will always be prepared to implement a back up plan. The best venues will be sure to have options both indoors and outdoors and will always be prepared for the unexpected. Professional wedding venues will be able to host your bridal shower, rain or shine!

6. All Inclusive Packages
One of the best things you could ever do when planning your bridal shower is pick a venue that has all inclusive packages. All inclusive packages save you time, stress and money! All you need to do is show up. All inclusive packages offer things like wait staff, set up, tear down, clean up, decor, etc. Make sure you make the most out of your money by utilizing all inclusive packages.
7. Outstanding Vendors
When choosing your bridal shower venue, vendors play a huge role! You need to decide what types of services you want at your bridal shower. Services such as catering, photography, and music are all important things to think about. You need vendors you can trust, professional event venues will have a special list of the best vendors around.
8. Accommodating To Your Budget
Implementing a budget is always a good idea. When planning a bridal shower, you should always choose a venue that can make the most with the budget you have. Things like amenities and all inclusive packages help you save money for other things like your upcoming wedding and/or honeymoon!
9. Upgradesmimosa bar for shower
When venues offer all inclusive packages it is always important to be sure you can upgrade things as you need to. For example if the package you chose is perfect for your budget but you have enough money left to have better music services, you should have the option to upgrade your package. Having options and being able to build your perfect bridal shower is super important when choosing a venue.
10. Size Matters
When selecting a venue to host your bridal shower, one of the most important things to think about is the size of the venue. If you plan to invite over 50 guests then you need a space big enough to accommodate all of the guests on your guest list. No one wants to attend a bridal shower in an event venue so small that they feel like they are packed like sardines. The bigger the better!
When choosing a bridal shower venue, be sure to look at all of your options and what they offer. Things like amenities, vendors, and size matter! The Louisiana Cajun Mansion Event Venue is the perfect place to host your bridal shower. With our multiple all inclusive packages that fit all budgets, you are sure to find your perfect match! For more information on our shower packages and what options are best for you call 337-223-4722 or visit https://cajunmansion.com/bridal-and-baby-showers/ .

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